June 2014

What's New
Product Spotlight

DC-22 GHz Broadband
Amplifiers, LNAs and Switches

Microsemi’s new MMIC amplifiers and switches provide multi-octave wideband performance and superb electrical specifications. With frequency coverage as wide as DC-22 GHz, these power amplifiers, driver amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and switches are excellent options for A&D and T&M applications.

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New Ultra-Broadband Capacitors
(16 kHz-40 GHz)

The 550S Series provides 50VDC operating for extended voltage requirements, and the 550U Series provides a new 0301 (EIA) footprint. Both feature single-piece construction with low insertion loss and flat frequency response over the ultra-broadband frequency range.

New Series of Radiall High Power Terminations
Radiall has introduced a new range of high power terminations from 30 to 200W up to 6 GHz, available with Type N, SMA, 7-16 and TNC connections, and featuring 1.3 @ 6 GHz VSWR (max.) and 2 kW peak power (25°C, 1µs, 1%).

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GaN on SiC Transistors with Quasi-MMIC Technology
This family of devices offers internally-matched input of 50 Ohms with partially-matched output to provide incredibly simple integration and flexible optimization. Includes 15W and 180W L-band (1.2-1.4 GHz) devices and a 50W C-band (5.2-5.8 GHz) device.

1.2kV, 5.0 mΩ 300A All-Silicon Carbide, Half-Bridge Module
Cree's new CAS300M12BM2 is available in a 62 x 106 x 30 millimeter package and includes a Z-FET™ MOSFET and a Z-Rec™ diode in a half-bridge configuration.

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High Current Wire Wound Ferrite Inductors
The DG8040C and DG6045C are part of a new line of wire wound ferrite inductors from TOKO that cover an inductance range of 1-100μH and feature higher current than previous models. Both device families are RoHS-compliant and magnetically shielded, and they offer a low profile and industry-compatible footprint.

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