August 2013

High Performance
Low Cost
X-band GaAs LNA

This high performance X-band GaAs LNA, housed in a miniature, lead-free 3 mm PQFN surface mount plastic package, operates from 8 to 12 GHz, providing a nominal gain of 20 dB with excellent gain flatness, high OIP3 linearity of +26 dBm, and a mid-band noise figure of 1.6 dB.

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20-3000 MHz Low Noise Amplifier

The WLA0030A is suited for LTE, receiver amplifiers, RF bench test, and mobile base station applications and offers a wide (20-3000 MHz) frequency band operation, 50 Ohm impedance, a 1.3 dB noise figure and 15 dB gain.

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Extensive Extrusion Inventory

These cost-effective, extruded heat sinks feature low thermal resistance values and can be natural or forced convection-cooled for heat dissipation. Internal machining capabilities allow for customized parts per customer specifications.

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48V GaN on Silicon
RF Transistors

These GaN on Silicon RF wideband transistors are optimized for DC-2.2 GHz operation and designed for CW, pulsed, and linear operations. Available in ceramic and plastic packaging.

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Xinger®-III Couplers

This new series of surface-mount hybrid and directional couplers are an innovation-driven reinvention of the SMT RF coupler, designed especially for today's more compact and hotter-running equipment and featuring a 5x3 mm footprint and power handling up to 25W.

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M100 3G Dual- or Tri-Band Module

The M100 3G of the M100 series is the perfect solution for demanding M2M applications. Ultra compact and fully-featured, the M100 3G can be easily integrated into applications like electricity meters, intrusion alarms, or vending machines.

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