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       March 2014

Z-Rec® High-Power SiC
Schottky Diode

Cree's 650V C5D50065D is the latest addition to the industry's first commercially-available 50A SiC rectifiers, designed to deliver the cost reduction, high efficiency, system simplicity and improved reliability of SiC technology to high power systems from 50kW to over 1MW.

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Advanced Doherty
Alignment Module (ADAM)

Freescale's MMDS20254H was developed to enable accurate alignment of phase and amplitude on the carrier and peaking transistors of Doherty amplifiers. The ADAM's numerous advantages include improved digital pre-distortion (DPD) correction with tighter performance distributions, increased system efficiency, and significant Doherty bandwidth improvement.

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6 to 12 GHz GaN on SiC LNA with
2W Power Handling

TriQuint's TGA2612 provides maximum input power handling of 2W, as well as gain >22 dB and noise figure <1.8 dB.

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450 MHz to 4 GHz,
High Isolation SP4T Switch

Peregrine's PE42442 features 61 dB isolation (at 900 MHz), +58 dBm IIP3, and +34 dBm power handling, and is designed for 3G/4G wireless infrastructure and other high performance RF applications.

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6.1 Generation 1200V
NX-Series IGBTs

The latest NX-Series IGBTs from Powerex use the 6.1 Generation CSTBTTM (Carrier Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor) chip, which offers significantly lower losses. Combined with an AIN substrate with superior thermal performance, these modules provide an efficient, cost-effective, power module solution for a variety of applications.

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400L Series Precision Tolerance, Thin Film NPO RF Microwave Capacitors

ATC's 400L Series provides reliable and repeatable performance with best-in-class capacitance tolerances. They are available in EIA 0402 (1005 metric) case size and are fully-compatible with high-speed, automated pick-and-place manufacturing.

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