RF Detectors with Integrated Couplers

The MACP-010561, MACP-010562, and MACP-010563 are wideband RF detectors with built-in couplers, unique in the industry, covering 2-6 GHz, 6-18 GHz, and 10-30 GHz respectively.

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Sierra Wireless AirLink® GX440 Gateway with Taoglas 4-in-1
LTE Antennas

The AirLink GX440 4G LTE with WiFi is an intelligent gateway that is ideal for M2M
and mobile data applications where the highest data speeds are required. The MA760 4 in 1 LTE antenna is an omni-directional heavy-duty, fully IP67 waterproof external M2M antenna for use in telematics, transportation
and remote monitoring applications.

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AEC-Q100 Certified SPDT RF Switch

The PE42359 UltraCMOS® RF switch is designed to cover a broad range of applications from 10 MHz through 3 GHz and integrates on-board CMOS control logic with a low voltage CMOS-compatible control interface, and can be controlled using either single-pin or complementary control inputs.

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5W GaN MMIC PA Evaluation Board

The NPA1003QA-EVK evaluation kit includes test fixture tuned for 20 to 1000 MHz broadband performance, two (2) device loose samples and a USB memory stick containing the NPA1003 datasheet, test data, and full drawings and documentation.

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1kW Solid State Broadband
Amplifiers in R5U

This family of amplifiers includes three systems that each provide 1kW peak power, 60 dB gain and collectively cover 20-1000 MHz. Ideal for EMC Test and Communication Systems, each amplifier offers built-in control, monitoring and protection functions—all while fitting in a single R5U space. And for a limited time Richardson RFPD is providing a free accessory kit (valued at $3500.00) with each purchase, as well as offering 0% financing for 12 months (restrictions apply).

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1.2 kV, 50 A Full-SiC
3-Phase Module

New from Cree! A six-pack power module in an industry standard 45 mm package that features zero turn-off tail current, zero reverse recovery current, high frequency operation, and an easy-to-drive MOS gate. Suited for a range of applications, including solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and industrial power supplies.

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