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          October 2013

Industry's First 1700V SiC MOSFET

Cree's C2M1000170D is ideal for power supplies to 200W operating from DC inputs from 200V to 1000V. This product beats silicon MOSFETs on switching efficiency, operating frequency, blocking voltage characteristics and reliability, while lowering system implementation cost.

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30W SPDT Switches for
Small Cell and LMR

Peregrine's PE42820 and PE42821 maintain exceptional linearity through 2.7 GHz and feature 30 W power handling, low insertion loss, and 32-lead 5x5 mm QFN packages.

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Super-small Plastic Shunt PIN Diodes

Versatile, low cost and ultra-small — ideal for LMR, wireless infrastructure and test instrument applications. MACOM's 1.5 x 1.2 mm plastic package reduces board space while enabling broadband performance comparable to chip-scale devices. Typical applications include high power switching through 6 GHz with incident power up to 100W.

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48V, 100W GaN on Silicon
RF Transistor  

The NPT2010 GaN HEMT is a wideband transistor optimized for DC-2.2 GHz operation. Nitronex designed this device for CW, pulsed, and linear operation with output power levels to 100W (50 dBm) in an industry-standard metal-ceramic package with a bolt-down flange.

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STMicroelectronics' SD4933MR is an N-channel MOS field-effect RF power transistor intended for use in 50V ISM applications up to 100 MHz. It benefits from the latest generation of environmentally designed packaging, ruggedized against cyclic high-moisture operating and severe storage conditions.

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High-efficiency Inductors
for DC/DC Converters

The magnetically-shielded MDT series of multilayer ceramic chip power inductors offers very low resistance and high current handling in a compact 2.0 x 1.2 x 1.0  mm size. With the high switching frequency of up to 6 MHz coupled with the small footprint and low flux leakage, they are ideal for space-constrained DC/DC converter applications in portable platforms.

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