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February 2014 - New Products   Technical Articles/Resources
NEW: 2-6 GHz GaN LNA from TriQuint

TriQuint’s TGA2611 is a broadband low noise amplifier fabricated on TriQuint’s 0.25um GaN on SiC process.

  • Noise figure: 1.5 dB
  • OTOI: +32 dBm
  • Small signal gain: 25 dB
  • Return loss: >10 dB
  • P1dB: +22 dBm
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NEW: 1.1-1.65 GHz LNA from Wavelex

Wavelex's WLA1116A LNA is designed for GPS applications and is also suited for receiver amplifiers, RF bench test, and mobile base station applications. It is packaged with precision machine housings and 100% production-tested on all minimum and maximum electrical specifications.

  • Noise figure: 0.50 dB
  • Gain: 32.0 dB
  • VSWR: 1.35:1
  • P1dB: +7.0 dBm
  • IP3: +17.0 dBm
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NEW: WiFi Front End Module, Amplifiers, and Switches from MACOM

MACOM offers a wide variety of cost-effective,
high performance components for WiFi, including front end modules, low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, and switches.

  • Integrated SPDT switch and LNA with bypass mode
  • 3-stage PAs with integrated power detectors
  • Broadband LNAs with noise figure as
    low as 0.7 dB
  • SPDT, DPDT and SP3T/SPDT switches from DC to 8000 MHz

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More New Products

ADI AD9361 Agile Transceiver™
Designed for use in 3G and 4G base station applications, it operates from 70 MHz to 6 GHz, covering most licensed and unlicensed bands, and supports channel bandwidths from less than 200 kHz to 56 MHz.

Anaren Femto Xinger® III Couplers
These surface-mount hybrid and directional couplers—the latest innovation-driven reinvention of the SMT RF coupler—are designed especially for today's more compact and hotter-running equipment. The new Femto couplers offer the high performance of previous Xinger families in a reduced footprint of 5x3mm.

ATC 400Z Series Precision Tolerance RF/Microwave Capacitors
The new 400Z series of capacitors offers the industry's tightest capacitance tolerance and excellent high frequency characteristics in a 0201 package. The 400Z is constructed with a low loss silicon dioxide and silicon oxynitride dielectric along with high quality sputtered electrode materials to ensure superior performance.

Fractus mXTEND™ Antenna Booster
Specifically designed as a standard, off-the-shelf alternative to customized antennas, the mXTEND antenna booster provides enables worldwide coverage by allowing operation in the communication standards GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800/DCS, GSM1900/PCS, UMTS, LTE2100, LTE2300, and LTE2500.

Freescale MMDS20254H Advanced Doherty Alignment Module
The ADAM is a highly functional active splitter that accurately aligns phase and amplitude on the carrier and peaking amplifiers of high power Doherty amplifiers. The only active Doherty splitter of its kind, the ADAM ensures Doherty PA consistency, especially for but not limited to asymmetric implementations.

Nitronex NPA1006 Wideband GaN PA
Optimized for 20-1000 MHz operation, this device has been designed for CW, pulsed, and linear operation with output power levels to 15W (+41.8 dBm) in an industry-standard surface mount DFN6X5-8 plastic package.  Evaluation boards are also available from stock.

Microsemi N-channel RF Power Transistors: VRF2944 and VRF3933
Designed for broadband commercial and military applications requiring high power and gain without inter-modulation distortion or compromised reliability or ruggedness.  

Peregrine PE42721 75Ω SPDT RF Switch
This UltraCMOS® Silicon-on-Sapphire 75Ω SPDT RF switch offers insertion loss of 0.5 dB, isolation of 68 dB, CTB of -99 dBc, and CSO of better than -105 dBc for broadband applications such as TV tuner modules, CATV signal switching and distribution, DTV, DVRs and set-top boxes.

Radiall TestPro Cables
Combining outstanding electrical performance with a specially-designed protection system, these ruggedized assemblies offer excellent durability while remaining exceptionally flexible, and provide high tensile stress resistance to the entire assembly.

Sierra Wireless AirPrime® MC7354 Multi Carrier Module
These embedded modules deliver high speed connectivity with a variety of advanced air interfaces, including LTE frequencies, and are designed for industrial M2M and mobile computing solutions.

STMicroelectronics Moisture Resistant RF MOSFETs for ISM
Intended for use in 50V ISM applications up to 100 MHz, the SD4933MR and SD2931-12MR benefit from the latest generation of environmentally-designed packaging and are ruggedized against cyclic high moisture operating and severe storage conditions.

TOKO Superior Inductors for Power Supplies
These magnetically-shielded multilayer power inductors (the MDT Series) feature a miniature footprint and low profile (2.5 x 2.0 x 1.0 mm), offer low flux leakage and are highly efficient through 10 MHz switching frequency.

MACOM White Paper: Phased Array Radar At the Intersection of Military and Commercial Innovation

Virtual Antenna™ Technology: The Flexible and Off-the-Shelf Mobile Antenna Solution

For Better SWaP, Choose GaN

Reports of the Death of DMOS RF MOSFETs are Greatly Exaggerated

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RF Agile Transceiver™
from ADI

Wideband DC Block
from Wavelex

75-Ohm, 5-2200 MHz, RF SPDT Switch from Peregrine

30 dB Attenuator from Wavelex

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