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September 2013 - New Products   Technical Articles/Resources
New! MACOM GaN in Plastic Packages

MACOM's high-power GaN in space-saving plastic is setting the standard for applications where small size and low weight are required.

  • 3x6 mm DFN and SOT-89 packaged transistors
  • 5W, 15W, 50W, and 90W power levels
  • Very high PAE
  • Optimized for L- and S- Band pulsed applications

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Wavelex LNA: Fully-matched to 50 Ohms

The WLA0030A offers wide frequency band operation and is versatile for a range of applications, including LTE, receiver amplifiers, RF bench test, and mobile base station.

  • 20-3000 MHz low noise amplifier
  • Fully-matched to 50 ohms
  • 1.3 dB noise figure
  • 15 dB gain
  • 1.35:1 VSWR
  • Precision machined housing

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High Speed, Ultra-low Power 12-bit ADC from ADI

The AD7091 is a 12-bit successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that offers ultra-low power consumption while achieving fast throughput rates.

  • Scalable power dissipation with throughput:
    • 1.1 mW at 3V, 1 Msps
    • 564 μW at 3V, 500 ksps
    • 19.6 μW at 3V, 5 ksps
    • <1 μW at 3V, powerdown
  • INL of ±1 LSB maximum
  • Flexible interface voltage: 2.09V to 5.25V, interfaces to low voltage processors without level shift
  • Space-saving 8-lead 2x2 mm LFCSP

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More New Products

ADI ADL5511 Envelope and TruPwr RMS Detector
The ADL5511 is an RF envelope and TruPwr™ RMS detector. The envelope output voltage is presented as a voltage that is proportional to the envelope of the input signal. It covers DC–6 GHz, and offers -30 dBm sensitivity.

Anaren Xinger®-III Femto Coupler Family
Introducing the Femto family of the Xinger®-III brand of surface-mount hybrid and directional couplers, the latest, innovation-driven reinvention of the SMT RF coupler, designed especially for today's more compact and hotter-running equipment.

ATC Millimeter Wave and Ultra-Broadband Passive Components
ATC offers a wide variety of ultra-broadband and millimeter wave products to serve as basic building blocks in high speed communications applications. The product offering includes capacitors, resistors, and inductors operating to 40+ GHz.

Nitronex GaN-on-Silicon
Built using the SIGANTIC® NRF1 process - a proprietary GaN-on-Silicon technology, these devices provide the best performance-to-cost solution from 5W to 200W for applications like Aerospace & Defense, radar, EW, jammers, ISM, broadband radio, and wireless infrastructure.

Maestro New A2235-H SiRFstarIV™ GPS Module
The A2235-H is Maestro’s next generation active GPS module, integrating a cost effective GPS receiver with an on-board patch antenna. Tracking sensitivity is -163 dBm with Hot Start TTFF of <1s in a small, 16 x17 mm footprint.

Microsemi 50V GaN
The 0912GN-650V is Microsemi's newest highest power GaN device for Avionics & Radar, and the first of several new Microsemi 50V GaN on SiC HEMT transistors. It is internally-matched and features 650W of peak power (128uS and 10% duty cycle), with a minimum of 17 dB gain covering 960-1215 MHz.

Peregrine Semiconductor Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTCs)
DuNE™ technology-enhanced DTCs are based on Peregrine's UltraCMOS® technology and offer 100-3000 MHz coverage with capacitance range up to 0.6 to 7.7 pF in 5-bit steps.

Skyworks Products for A&D Applications
Skyworks offers a broad line of Aerospace & Defense products, from low noise amplifiers, to SPDT switches, digitally controlled attenuators, PLL frequency synthesizers, direct quadrature demodulators, diodes, MOSFET driver, and LDO linear regulators.

Skyworks Circulators and Isolators
This new family of circulators and isolators offers outstanding electrical performance in low cost, “robust lead” surface mount packaging. These products cover the standard telecom ranges from 691 to 2700 MHz.

STMicroelectronics Offers NXP RF MOSFET Replacements
STMicroelectronics continues to support existing products, including their legacy RF MOSFETs, while also developing enhanced products to address high performance designs.

TriQuint TAT9988 Broadband/CATV Line Amplifier
The TAT9988 is an ultra-linear, packaged GaN amplifier for CATV infrastructure applications, with +60 dBmV and 24 dB of gain at 24V / 445mA.

ADI White Paper -
Subminiature, Low‐power DACs Address High Channel Density Transmitter Systems

MACOM Technical Article -
High-power GaN Transistors in MACOM's Rugged Plastic Packages

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