June 2014

New Product News

Expanded Line of MLS Flatpack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors from Cornell Dubilier

The new additions to the MLS Series include a high-vibration package (HVMLS) and a high-reliability burn-in option (HRMLS). The new devices are ideally suited for military and commercial flight-based power systems that require high-energy density, rugged capacitors for bulk storage. Prior to these new Cornell Dubilier devices, relatively expensive wet tantalum capacitors were the only type suited for these environments.

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Five New GaN on SiC HEMT RF Transistors
from MACOM

The new high performance transistors are gold metalized and use state-of-the-art wafer fabrication processes. They provide high gain, efficiency and ruggedness over a wide bandwidth, which helps enable size, weight and power dissipation (SWaP) improvements.

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New Select Products from ADI for Q2

From RF transceivers to nanoDACs, ADCs, buck regulators, and op amps, ADI's world-leading, highly integrated, superior performance products play a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world information in a wide array of applications.

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More New Products

ANADIGICS MCM for Picocell, Femtocell & CPE
The AWB7224 is a fully-matched, Multi-Chip-Module (MCM) designed for picocell, femtocell, and customer premises equipment (CPE) applications. Covering 728 to 768 MHz, it provides 29 dB of gain and output power of +27 dBm.

ATC Family of UBC™ Ultra-Broadband Capacitors
ATC has added several new products to their line of UBC ultra-broadband capacitors. Offered in one-piece SMT packages, they are fully compatible with high-speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing operations and are ideal for the most stringent requirements of ultra-broadband applications.

Empower 2500-6000 MHz Amplifier
The 1191/BBM5K8CKT is a 2500 to 6000 MHz amplifier guaranteed to deliver 100W minimum output power and related RF performance under all specified temperature and environmental conditions. It is suitable for broadband mobile jamming and S- and C-band high power linear applications.

Maxtena Antenna Units Now Available
Now available from Arrow RF & Power—Maxtena's line of reliable, rugged and compact helix antennas, microstrip antennas and combo antennas are ideally suited for portable wireless applications including satellite phones, communications gear, handheld navigation, asset tracking, UAVs, recreational devices and industrial equipment.

Microsemi Amplifiers & Switches for A&D and T&M
Microsemi's new multi-octave, wideband MMIC amplifiers and switches provide superb electrical performance. With frequency coverage as wide as DC to 22 GHz, these power amplifiers, driver amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and switches are excellent options for A&D and T&M applications.

Peregrine 6-Bit RF DSA
The PE4312 is a 50Ω, 6-bit RF digital step attenuator (DSA) and an updated version of the PE4302. Covering a 31.5 dB attenuation range in 0.5 dB steps, it maintains high linearity and low power consumption from 1 MHz through 4 GHz.

Radius Power EMI Power Line Filters Now Available!
Radius Power offers a broad selection of EMI/EMC power line filters, including standardized and custom solutions that help meet international compliance standards and improve the immunity and safety of electrical and electronic equipment.

Sierra Wireless Multi-Technology LTE Module
The Sierra Wireless MC7354 is a multi-technology LTE module in a mini PCIe package that has been certified for use on the Verizon, AT&T and Telus networks. The module is currently being certified on additional networks, including Sprint and Bell, with completion expected this summer.

TOKO DG Series of Wire Wound Ferrite Inductors
The DG8040C and DG6045C are part of a new line of wire wound ferrite inductors that cover an inductance range of 1-100µH and feature higher current than previous models. Both device families are RoHS-compliant and magnetically shielded, and they offer a low profile and industry compatible footprint.

TriQuint QFN-Packaged GaN PAs
The TGA2216-SM (0.1-3.0 GHz, >40% PAE) and TGA2237-SM (0.03-2.5 GHz, >50% PAE), provide >10W saturated output power with >13 dB large signal gain. Both are ideal for commercial/military radar, communications and electronic warfare (EW) applications.

Wavelex 470-960 MHz 0.8W PA
The new WPA0409A offers wide frequency band operation, from 470 MHz to 960 MHz, with 50 Ohm impedance, and features +29 dBm P1dB, 14 dB gain and +43 dBm IP3.

Technical Articles/Resources

Wavelex White Paper–Wavelex Products Facilitate Both Multi-Octave Bench Testing and Multi-System Testing

TriQuint White Paper–GaN Thermal Analysis for High-Performance Systems

Freescale White Paper–Thermal Measurement Methodology of RF Power Amplifers

Skyworks White Paper–Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers

Recent News

Arrow RF & Power Introduces:

New Ultra-Wideband High-Power
Bias-T from Wavelex

MLS Flatpack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors from Cornell Dubilier

New Wideband 10W SPDT Switch from Wavelex

Five New GaN on SiC HEMT RF Transistors from MACOM

New 470-960 MHz 0.8W Power
Amplifier from Wavelex

Four New GaN on SiC Power
Amplifiers from TriQuint

New RF Termination from Wavelex

Two Ka-Band GaN on SiC Power Amplifiers from TriQuint

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