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Microsemi Microsemi's GaN on SiC HEMT RF Transistors

These new common source GaN on SiC transistors are internally-matched for optimal performance and specifically designed for S- and L-band radar applications.

Ideal for Mode-S ELM applications, the
1011GN-700ELM offers:

  • 700 Watts of pulsed peak power under
    Mode-S ELM pulse format
  • Over 21 dB Power Gain
  • Greater than 70% efficiency
  • 1030 MHz

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Introduces New 18 GHz Microwave PLL Synthesizer from ADI

Richardson RFPD
Introduces New Wide-Band Xinger® III 3 dB Hybrid Coupler from Anaren

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Anaren Anaren's Wide-Band Xinger® III
Hybrid Coupler

The new X3C17A1-03WS-CT is perfect for broadband transmit and receive systems where wide bandwidth, low insertion loss and high isolation is required, from LTE to GSM and WiFi. Key features include:

  • Three-section design
  • Frequency range: 690 - 2700 MHz
  • Isolation: 20 dB (min.)
  • Insertion loss: 0.49 dB (max.)
  • Amplitude balance: +/-0.5 dB
  • Small footprint: 0.56" x 0.35"

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Skyworks High Power Switches

Seven new diode-based SPDT switches offering from 40W to 100W input power handling in small, 4x4 QFN packages:

  • Frequency bands: 20 – 2700 MHz,
    50 – 2700 MHz, and 900 – 4000 MHz
  • Insertion Loss as low as 0.3 dB
  • Isolation as high as 47 dB
  • Switching speed as fast as 32 nS

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More New Products  

ADI AD9250 ADC & ADF41020 PLL
Dual, 14-Bit, 250 MSPS ADC with high SNR and SFDR, and
4 - 18 GHz Microwave PLL with low input sensitivity, with prescaler from 8/9 to 64/65

Anaren Xinger® Sub-Miniature Components
These balun transformers, directional couplers, hybrid couplers, and crossover devices offer low cost and excellent performance in a sub-miniature footprint

Cloudgate Simple, Value-priced WWAN M2M IP Connectivity
Cloudgate M2M Gateway provides competitively priced LAN to WWAN routing and GPS functionality in a single basic unit

Freescale Wideband LDMOS Transistors

Highly versatile devices combine integrated stability enhancements and optimized impedances for a simpler wideband implementation than previous generations

M/A-COM Technology Solutions MAAM-010373 50-1100 MHz CATV LNA
Low noise figure, high gain, high linearity

Peregrine Semiconductor PE42422
Low insertion loss SPDT RF switch for small cell features +70 IIP3 and
over 1W power handling in miniature package

Powerex Power IGBT Transistors
Low loss modules for buck and boost converters

Sierra Wireless Releases SL9090_1101548

Connect to multiple carrier networks with only one module SKU

Taoglas Releases High Efficiency "Fourth Generation (4G)" Antennas

Ideal for use with emerging LTE systems

TriQuint 885024 BAW Downlink Filter for Band 2: 1960 MHz
Low insertion loss; 3 x 3 mm hermetic package for base stations and repeaters  

Wakefield High Fin Density Heat Sinks
Cost-effective, extruded heat sinks feature low thermal resistance values and can be natural or forced convection-cooled for heat dissipation


IIC China Conference & Exhibition
DATE: Feb. 28 - March 2
PLACE: Shenzhen, China
BOOTH #: 2G01

DATE: March 12 - 14
PLACE: Beijing, China
BOOTH #: 274

APEC - Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition
DATE: March 17 - 21
PLACE: Long Beach, CA
BOOTH #: 710

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