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High efficiency 3G cellular antennas for both Cell/Diversity connections
that can also support assisted GPS

TG.09 TG.09 “Magic” Penta-band Cellular Hinged Rotatable SMA Antenna
The TG.09 “Magic” Penta-band Cellular Hinged Rotatable SMA antenna is a high efficiency monopole antenna. Compared to other much larger antennas on the market, it has superior wide-band high efficiency characteristics. The unique rotatable hinge design enables the user to rotate the antenna to the best angle for an optimal cellular signal reception. As the upper antenna element can move in any direction, it also reduces damage from impact force from any angle to the antenna, compared to traditional hinged right angle or fixed fight angle designs or straight antennas. The tiny dimensions of this antenna coupled with excellent RF performance and an aesthetic high end design feel make it the ideal cellular antenna for routers, vehicle tracking devices, telematics devices, remote monitoring systems, POS devices. The TG.09 as all monopole antennas works best connected directly to the ground-plane of the device main-board.
TG.10 TG.10 “Triton” dipole Antenna
The TG.10 “Triton” dipole Antenna – is primarily designed for use 3G/LTE cellular modules with assisted GPS.. It has a quality robust PUS housing for use with wireless terminals. It can be used straight or hinged 90 degrees. The antenna has a wide-band response and can also be used for other cellular and wireless applications such as GSM, LTE, UMTS, and WI-FI. The TG.10 does not require a ground-plane to connect to.

Taoglas 3G Cellular Antennas
Part Number Frequency
Technology Temp© VSWR Peak
TG.09.0113 800-2200 Penta-band Cellular  Monopole -40-+85 <3.0:1 3 SMA (M) No Monopole hinged 71+/- 1.5 10+/- .3
TG.10.0113 800-2200  1575.42 Triton - 2G/3G/4G/LTE Terminal Antenna for Cellular modules with Assisted GPS -40-+85 <3.0:1 3 SMA (M) Yes Dipole hinged 122 6.5

Note: These antennas are also available in white.

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