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June 29 2015

S-Band 30W GaN Power Amplifier from Qorvo
The TGA2818-SM is a high-power, S-band amplifier fabricated on TriQuint’s TQGaN25 0.25um GaN on SiC production process. Covering 2.8-3.7 GHz, the TGA2818-SM provides greater than +45.5 dBm of saturated output power and greater than 18.0 dB of large-signal gain while achieving greater than 47 % power added efficiency. It is ideally suited for use in both commercial and military radar systems. Learn more.


June 25 2015

In the News: Rockwell Collins Sets Stage for ARINC Growth, Announces Avionics Contract
Rockwell Collins will pursue a series of initiatives that will increase capacity and expand the company’s ARINC global network throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The initiatives, aimed at proactively addressing growing air traffic and more data being generated by modern aircraft, include expanding the number of Very High Frequency (VHF) ground stations, adding VHF Digital Link Mode 2 (VDL Mode 2) frequency capacity in Europe and implementing a proprietary algorithm that will increase network capacity significantly over traditional VHF solutions... Read more.


June 22 2015

S-band, 80W GaN Power Amplifier for Radar Applications from Qorvo
The TGA2814-SM is a high-power, S-band amplifier fabricated on TriQuint’s production 0.25um GaN on SiC process (TQGaN25). It covers 3.1–3.5 GHz and provides > 80W of saturated output power, 24 dB of large-signal gain, and achieves 55% power-added efficiency. Learn more.


June 18 2015

Richardson RFPD Announces Availability of Three GaN on SiC HEMTs from UMS
These internally-matched, Quasi-MMIC devices include a 15W L-band driver, a 50W C-band HPA, and a 200W L-band HPA. All are suitable for a variety of applications, including pulsed radar. Read more.


June 15, 2015

NEW! 3.1-3.6 GHz, 100W GaN Power Amplifier for Radar Applications from Qorvo
Key features of the new TGA2813-CP include:

  • Pout: +50 dBm (at PIN = +27 dBm)
  • Power gain: 23 dB (at PIN = +27 dBm)
  • PAE: 51% CW
  • Bias: VD = 30V pulsed (PW = 15 ms, DC = 30%), IDQ = 300 mA, VG = -3V typical
  • Package dimensions: 15.2 x 15.2 x 3.5 mm
  • Package base is pure Cu offering superior thermal management


June 11, 2015

NEW! S-Band 60W GaN Power Amplifier from Qorvo
The TGA2817-SM covers 2.9-3.5 GHz and provides > +48 dBm of saturated output power and > 24 dB of large-signal gain while achieving > 54% PAE. The new device can also support a variety of operating conditions to best support system requirements. With good thermal properties, it can support a range of bias voltages and will perform well under pulse applications. The TGA2817-SM is matched to 50 ohms with integrated DC blocking caps on both I/O ports. It is ideal for use in both commercial and military radar systems. Learn more.


June 8, 2015

NEW! 13.4 to 15.5 GHz, 35W GaN Power Amplifier from Qorvo
The TGA2239-CP is a 3-stage, high-performance PA that offers > 30 dB small-signal gain with 34% PAE, allowing the system designer to achieve superior performance levels in a cost efficient manner. The new GaN PA minimizes the strain on the system-level cooling requirements, further reducing system operating costs. Superior electrical performance and thermal management make the TGA2239-CP ideal for supporting communications and radar applications in both commercial and military markets. Learn more.


June 4, 2015

Article: Phased Array Radar At the Intersection of Military and Commercial Innovation
MACOM’s Glen Fields addresses how the erosion of cost barriers on both sides of the customer/ supplier equation will ultimately accelerate the pace of innovation and adoption for phased array radar into the future. Read article.


June 1, 2015

Video: MACOM MAGX-000912-500L00 GaN on SiC 500W HEMT
Paul Beasly--Product Manager for High Power Radar products – discusses MACOM's 500W GaN RF power transistor optimized for pulsed avionics and radar applications, including Civilian Air Traffic Control (ATC), L-band secondary radar for IFF and Mode-S avionics. Watch video.


May 28, 2015

NEW! 10 MHz-40 GHz UltraCMOS® SPDT RF Ka-band Flip-chip Switch from Peregrine
The PE42524 delivers high isolation performance, excellent linearity and low insertion loss. It is Peregrine’s first switch that reaches up to Ka-band. At 30 GHz, the PE42524 exhibits 17 dB active port return loss, 47 dB isolation and 2.2 dB insertion loss. No blocking capacitors are required if DC voltage is not present on the RF ports. The new switch is ideally suited for test and measurement (T&M), microwave backhaul, radar and military communications applications. Learn more.


May 26, 2015

NEW! Airfast RF LDMOS Wideband Integrated Power Amplifier from Freescale
The AFIC10275NR1 is a 2-stage, 250W, internally-matched RFIC designed for transponder applications operating from 978 to 1090 MHz and featuring 32.1 dB gain. It is suitable for use in pulse applications, including Mode S transponders used for ADS-B. Learn more.


May 21, 2015

High Power SP3T 100W Reflective Switch from MACOM
The MASW-011030 features low insertion loss and excellent linearity with low DC consumption. It is designed for military and civilian customers who require higher CW and pulsed power operation for radio applications. This device is capable of handling 100 Watts CW incident power at a base plate temperature of 85°C, delivered in a single 7mm HWFN 16-lead plastic package. Learn more.


May 18, 2015

N-Channel Enhancement-Mode Lateral MOSFET from Freescale
The MMRF1004NR1 is designed for Class A or Class AB general purpose applications with frequencies from 1600 to 2200 MHz. Suitable for analog and digital modulation and multipurpose amplifier applications, it features:

  • P1dB: 10W
  • Gain: 15.5 dB
  • Pout: 1W
  • Test signal: W-CDMA
  • Efficiency: 15%
  • Supply voltage: 28VDC
  • Thermal resistance: 2.3 °C/W
  • Package type: TO-270-2


May 15, 2015

In the News: Freescale Expands RF Power Portfolio for Avionics Markets with Newest Airfast Products
Size, weight and power are critical parameters for avionics applications. The AFIC10275N is the industry’s first RF power integrated circuit covering the 978-1090 MHz band, and helps customers address these market criteria by enabling much smaller and lighter power amplifier (PA) transponders. The AFIC10275N integrates two amplification stages in a plastic package, delivering 250 W with 31 dB of gain and 64 percent drain efficiency. The device also embeds temperature and RF sensing capabilities, reducing the need for external components. The AFIC10275N is available as a solution with a reference circuit that reduces cycle time and development costs for customers. It is available in 14-lead and 14-lead gull wing plastic packages. Read more.


May 11, 2015

NEW! 3.1-3.6 GHz, 80W GaN Power Amplifier from TriQuint/Qorvo
The TGA2814-CP is ideally suited for commercial and defense radar applications and features:

  • Pout: +49 dBm at PIN = +27 dBm
  • PAE: 50% pulsed
  • Power gain: 23 dB at PIN = +27 dBm
  • Bias: VD = 30V, IDQ = 200 mA, VG = -3V typical, pulsed (PW = 15 ms, DC = 30 %)
  • Package dimensions: 15.2 x 15.2 x 3.5 mm
  • Package base is pure Cu offering superior thermal management


May 7, 2015

SP3T 200W Switch from MACOM
The MASW-011041 operates from 50 MHz to 1 GHz and features low insertion loss and excellent linearity. It includes two high-power ports capable of handling up to 200W CW and one low-power port capable of handling up to 100W CW of incident power at a base plate temperature of +85°C. It is ideal for use on land mobile radio and MIL-COM applications that require higher CW and pulsed power operation. Learn more.


May 4, 2015

RF Solutions for Aerospace and Defense from Freescale
The portfolio encompasses a range of high-power solutions that support a wide array of needs for military applications, including avionics, HF through L- and S-band radar, communications, missile guidance, electronic warfare, and identification, friend or foe (IFF). Learn more.


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