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July 21, 2014

News: MACOM Launches Industry’s Highest Power Handling L-Band SMT Limiter
The MADL-011014 is a high power limiter that is ideally suited to the most demanding applications which require high peak and CW power receive protection in Air Traffic Management and Radar systems. Read more.


July 17, 2014

TriQuint's New Packaged 2-6 GHz GaN LNA
The TGA2611 was the industry’s first GaN LNA, and now it is available in a 4x4mm QFN package. Covering 2–6 GHz, the TGA2611-SM handles 2W of input power, and offers 1.0 dB noise figure, 22 dB of gain, +18 dBm P1dB, and an OTOI of+30 dBm. It is ideally suited for L- and S-band A&R systems.


July 14, 2014

TriQuint's New Packaged 6-12 GHz GaN LNA
The TGA2612-SM is a packaged version of the TGA2612. Covering 6–12 GHz, it handles 2W of input power, and provides 2.0 dB noise figure, 22 dB of gain, +28 dBm OIP3, and is suitable for C- and X-band A&R systems.


July 10, 2014

Skyworks Products for Wireless Infrastructure and A&D Applications
Select from Skyworks’ broad line of wireless infrastructure and A&D products, including power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and switches. Or browse this Skyworks Aerospace and Defense Solutions brochure.


July 7, 2014

New UltraCMOS® RF Digital Step Attenuator from Peregrine!
The PE4312 is a 50Ω, HaRP™ technology-enhanced 6-bit RF DSA designed for use in 3G/4G wireless infrastructure and other high performance RF applications. Covering a 31.5 dB attenuation range in 0.5 dB steps, it maintains high linearity and low power consumption from 1 MHz through 4 GHz. Learn more


July 3, 2014

New! GaN on SiC Transistors with Quasi-MMIC Technology from UMS
This family of devices offers internally-matched input of 50 Ohms with partially-matched output to provide incredibly simple integration and flexible optimization. Includes a 50W C-band device and two 180W L-band devices that are ideally suited for pulsed radar applications. Learn more


July 2, 2014

New! 0.03 – 2.5 GHz 10W GaN Power Amplifier from TriQuint
TriQuint’s TGA2237-SM offers greater than 13 dB of large signal gain and greater than 50% PAE. It is available in a low-cost, surface mount 32-lead, 5x5 mm AIN QFN package, and it is ideally suited to support both radar and communication applications across defense and commercial markets, as well as electronic warfare. Learn more


June 26, 2014

VIDEO: MACOM MAGX-000025-150000 Product Video
MACOM’s Paul Beasly, Product Manager for High Power Radar products, presents this new 150W GaN high power transistor for radar applications. The device comes in a gemini package, which enables versatile solutions for multiple wideband applications. Watch the video


June 25, 2014

Cornell Dubilier’s MLS Flatpack Capacitors Stand-up (while keeping a low profile)
Designed to stand-up to the rigors of battle, the MLS Series of stainless steel flatpack capacitors now handle up to 50 gs of vibration. Vigorously tested in-house to the toughest military and industry standards, these capacitors are not only rugged, their flat form factor also allows you to fit them into tight spots, cool them, and easily gang them for compact, high bulk storage. Their precision-welded construction provides a near-hermetic seal that you can bank on up to 80,000 feet. Learn more.


June 19, 2014

New GaN PA from TriQuint
The TGA2216 is a wideband cascode amplifier that offers exceptional wideband performance and also supports 48V operation. It operates from 0.1 to 3.0 GHz and provides 12W of saturated output power with 14 dB of large signal gain and greater than 40% power-added efficiency. Learn more.


June 16, 2014

New GaN on SiC HEMT RF Transistors from MACOM
Most of the new GaN on SiC transistors are internally-matched, providing ease of implementation and improved efficiency. Two of the new HEMTs (MAGX-000025-15000 and MAGX-000035-01000P) are unmatched, offering the flexibility of operation outside standard frequency bands. Learn more.


June 12, 2014

New TriQuint GaN PA Offers 33 dB Gain and >50% PAE from 2.7-3.7 GHz
The TriQuint TGA2583-SM operates from 2.7 to 3.7 GHz and typically provides +40.5 dBm saturated output power, >50% power-added efficiency, and 33 dB small signal gain. It can be operated in CW or pulsed mode, is offered in
a 5x5 mm surface mount package, and is ideally suited for both commercial and defense-related radar applications.
Learn more.


June 9, 2014

0.9 to 4.0 GHz, 125W High-Power Silicon PIN Diode SPDT Switch
The SKY12215-478LF is a high-power handling, Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT) silicon PIN diode switch. The device operates over the 900 MHz to 4 GHz band. Learn more.


June 5, 2014

2320-2345 MHz Two-Stage, High Gain LNA from Skyworks
The SKY67175-306LF is a two-stage, GaAs pHEMT Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) specifically designed for use as a digital satellite radio LNA over the full 2320 to 2345 MHz band. Learn more.


June 2, 2014

0.7 to 3.8 GHz Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier from Skyworks
The SKY67153-396LF is a GaAs, pHEMT Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with an active bias, high linearity, superior gain, and industry-leading noise figure (NF) performance from 700 to 3800 MHz. Learn more.


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