Realize the benefits of Silicon Carbide technology with our offering of SiC transistors, diodes, transistor modules and SiC/Si hybrid modules from such industry-leading suppliers as Cree, Microsemi, Powerex and Vincotech. Incorporate SiC content into your design to achieve:
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Smaller power electronic system size
  • Higher operating temperature
  • Higher voltage operation
  • Higher power density
  • Increased heat dissipation
Utilize our SiC Tech Hub for the latest products and news regarding the adoption of this technology in power electronics circuits. At anytime, please contact us for design assistance.

October 24, 2016
Video: Overview of Wolfspeed SiC Diodes
Wolfspeed has the industry’s broadest portfolio, enabling everyone to achieve highest system efficiency, power density and reliability. Learn more about Wolfspeed’s Z-Rec® diodes and more. Watch now.

October 10, 2016
Video: Paralleling SiC Schottky Diodes
One of the benefits of Wolfspeed SiC diodes is that they can be paralleled for high currents without having to be derated. Watch now.

October 5, 2016
In the News: Global Technology Suppliers Raise Inverter Output
Using New Materials

As competition intensifies between inverter suppliers, GE has launched a new 1,500-volt DC central inverter with power devices made from silicon carbide, which can increase the efficiency of utility-scale PV power plants to 99% weighted power conversion efficiency… Read more.

October 3, 2016
Video: SiC Converters in the Lab
Convinced of the power of SiC? Ready to design-in SiC? Take a look at what Wolfspeed engineers have accomplished in the applications lab. Watch now.

September 29, 2016
In the News: New Technology Being Developed To Increase Electric Car Range
Inverters have been used by electric and hybrid vehicles in order to have enough electricity be used from the battery to the motor. At North Carolina State University's Future Renewable Electric Energy Distribution and Management (FREEDM) Systems Center a new inverter made of silicon carbide promises to transfer 99 percent of that energy to the motor. Read more.

September 27, 2016
Video: SiC PFC Boost
The simplest way to benefit from SiC diodes is as a drop-in replacement for a PFC boost diode. See how easy and beneficial it is in this short video from Wolfspeed’s Thomas Barbieri, Phd. Watch now.

September 23, 2016
In the News: ABB Shrinks Battery Charger by a Factor of Ten
SiC-based train battery charger is 80 percent lighter than previous generation. Read more.

September 19, 2016
Video: The Wolfspeed MPS Diode Advantage
Wolfspeed’s broad portfolio of SiC Schottky diodes includes more than two trillion field hours and 15 years of experience, combined with the fastest delivery times. Its diodes feature the MPS (Merged PiN Schottky) design which is more robust and reliable than standard Schottky barrier diodes. Watch now.

September 15, 2016
In the News: Infineon’s Acquisition of Wolfspeed Just the Beginning of Collaborations in SiC Power Electronics
After International Rectifier & Infineon, Fairchild & ON Semiconductor, Wolfspeed & APEI, and now Infineon & Wolfspeed, market analyst firm Yole Développement wonders who will be next to merge. Read now.

September 14, 2016
Technical Article: Simplifying Power Conversion with Medium Voltage SiC MOSFETs
Designing power conversion systems with fewer, higher-voltage MOSFETs cuts component count, increases reliability and has little impact on the total area of the chips. Read more.

September 8, 2016
New SiC/Si Hybrid Module from Vincotech
The flowIPM 1B CIP 600 V features the powerful combination of a high-speed F5 IGBT with the switching performance of a MOSFET and a silicon carbide boost diode in the PFC circuit optimized for frequencies up to 150 kHz. Learn more.

September 6, 2016
Video: The Power of SiC
What’s the big deal with silicon carbide and power conversion? In this video, Wolfspeed’s Tom Barbieri, Diode Product Line Manager, reviews the electrical and amterial properties of SiC that make it such an ideal semiconductor for high power conversion. Watch now.

September 2, 2016
A New IPM With CIP Topology – Better, Faster In; Smaller, Cheaper Out
Vincotech is slashing costs and shrinking footprints with the flowIPM 1B CIP 600 V. This new, deeply integrated Intelligent Power Module for 600 V applications features the powerful combination of a high-speed F5 IGBT with the switching performance of a MOSFET and a silicon carbide boost diode in the PFC circuit optimized for frequencies up to 150 kHz. Learn more.

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