Realize the benefits of Silicon Carbide technology with Richardson RFPD's offering of SiC transistors, diodes, transistor modules and SiC/Si hybrid modules from such industry-leading suppliers as Cree, Microsemi, Powerex and Vincotech. Incorporate SiC content into your design to achieve:
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Smaller power electronic system size
  • Higher operating temperature
  • Higher voltage operation
  • Higher power density
  • Increased heat dissipation
Utilize our SiC Tech Hub for the latest products and news regarding the adoption of this technology in power electronics circuits. At anytime, please contact Richardson RFPD for design assistance.
April 14, 2014
New Vincotech SiC MOSFET-Based Power Modules Brochure
This new brochure from Vincotech highlights the company's capabilities and offering of SIC MOSFET-based power modules for Solar, UPS and Battery Management applications.
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April 10, 2014
White Paper: A Novel Circuit for Characteristics Measurement
of SiC Transistors
White paper summarizing study of a novel circuit for SiC transistors characterization measurement. This detailed study highlights the measurement of on-state resistance under practical application conditions. The experimental results confirm that the proposed circuit gives a good insight of the SiC device performance in real applications. Learn more.

April 8, 2014
Cree Presentation: SiC MOSFET-based 50kW DC/DC Boost Converter
Presentation given by Cree at APEC 2014 highlighting the advantages of a SiC-based
boost converter. Includes detailed test results of a 50kW evaluation unit for a PV application.
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April 3, 2014
Microsemi ISOTOP® Boost Chopper SiC Power Module
In stock: Microsemi's APT100MC120JCU2 1200V, 102A ISOTOP® (SOT-227 package) boost chopper offers outstanding performance at high frequency operation. SiC MOSFET features include a low 17mΩ RDS(on). Learn more.

March 31, 2014
Vincotech – Choosing the Right Power Module for Inverter Designs
White paper considers the challenges design engineers face when developing next generation inverter products. Learn more.

March 27, 2014
Cree Z-Rec® High-Power SiC Schottky Diode
Cree's 650V C5D50065D is the latest addition to the industry's first commercially-available 50A SiC rectifiers, designed to deliver the cost reduction, high efficiency, system simplicity and improved reliability of SiC technology to high power systems from 50kW to over 1MW.
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March 25, 2014
Video: Wide Bandgap Semiconductors – U.S. Department of Energy
Wide bandgap semiconductors operate at high temperatures, frequencies and voltages -- all of which to eliminate up to 90% of the power losses in electricity transfer, compared to current technology. This means that power electronics will perform better, be more efficient and cost less. Learn more.

March 20, 2014
New Cree SiC Schottky Diode
1700V, 10A Schottky diode – delivering the industry's highest blocking voltage and zero reverse recovery in a discrete package. Learn more.

March 17, 2014
New Microsemi SiC Schottky Diode
650V, 20A Schottky diode – ideal for high-power industrial applications, including solar inverters. In stock and specially priced. Learn more.

March 13, 2014
New Cree SiC Power Products Selection Guide
Download Cree's latest SiC Power Products Selection Guide featuring a complete overview of the company’s MOSFETs, power modules and Schottky diodes. Learn more.

March 10, 2014
Cree Extends Benefits of SiC Diodes to MW-Class Power Systems
Cree, Inc. has introduced the CPW5 Z-Rec® high-power silicon-carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes, the industry's first commercially-available family of 50-A SiC rectifiers. Read more.

March 6, 2014
Microsemi's Three-Level Inverter SiC MOSFET Power Module
In stock: Microsemi's APTMC60TLM14CAG 1200V, 200A three-level inverter, full SiC MOSFET power module. Ideal for UPS applications, this module’s benefits include stable temperature behavior, low junction-to-case thermal resistance, and a low-profile package.

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