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If you've been following our Avionics & Radar Tech Hub, then you know how much TriQuint has been contributing to the GaN picture. And if you were around for the first version of the TriQuint Tech Hub, you know what a great resource this is for all things GaN -- new products, inside info from TriQuint and our design engineers, and exclusive technical resources. We're excited about all the great new TriQuint GaN products and developments that we'll be sending your way over the next few months. Ready? Let's go!

  August 26, 2014

TriQuint GaN Foundry Technology Overview + Free e-Book
Learn more about TriQuint’s high-power, high-performance GaN technology, the Company’s R&D leadership, and its complete GaN solutions and services. And get your free copy of the new GaN RF Technology for Dummies e-book. Learn more.

  August 20, 2014

Free GaN Roundtable Webcast—Available Now On Demand
TriQuint’s Dylan Murdock recently participated in the “Keeping it Cool with GaN Thermal Management” roundtable—available now on demand! Listen now

  August 18, 2014

New Brochure: Market-Tested GaN Innovation from TriQuint
TriQuint's continuing development of innovative, high-performance product solutions and renowned foundry services support the RF / microwave / millimeter wave needs of global manufacturers. Download TriQuint’s latest GaN brochure, which highlights several new GaN solutions.

  August 14, 2014

New! 2 to 6 GHz, 30W GaN Power Amplifier
The TGA2578-CP is a packaged wideband power amplifier fabricated on TriQuint’s 0.25um GaN on SiC process. Operating from 2 to 6 GHz, the TGA2578-CP achieves 30 W saturated output power with a power-added efficiency of >30%, and >26 dB small signal. Learn more.

  August 11, 2014

Matching LNA also Operates from 2 to 6 GHz
The TGA2611-SM handles 2W of input power, and offers 1.0 dB noise figure, 22 dB of gain, +18 dBm P1dB, and an OTOI of+30 dBm. Learn more.

  August 7, 2014

New Application Note: Analysis of a 30W PA Utilizing Modelithics’ TriQuint T2G6003028-FS Model in Agilent ADS
This note provides insight into the performance predictability of a design simulation for a single-stage microwave power amplifier (PA) reference design, based on the use of a non-linear model for the TriQuint T2G6003028-FS packaged GaN HEMT device. Read more.

  August 4, 2014

News: TriQuint Becomes First Manufacturer to Achieve MRL 9 for GaN
TriQuint has announced that it is the first gallium nitride (GaN) RF chip manufacturer to achieve Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) 9. This achievement means TriQuint's GaN manufacturing processes have met full performance, cost and capacity goals, and that the company has the capability in place to support full rate production. Read more.

  July 31, 2014

100W Peak Power, 20W Average Power, 32V, DC-3.5 GHz, GaN RF Power Transistors for Commercial & Defense Applications
The TGF2819-FL & TGF2819-FS wideband transistors feature linear gain >14 dB at 3.3 GHz and maximum PAE >58% at 3.3 GHz. They are ideally suited for radar, radio communications, electronic warfare and avionics applications.

  July 29, 2014

News: TriQuint Achieves GaN Defense Production Milestones as Part of the Defense Production Act Title III Program
TriQuint recently announced that it has successfully completed the Defense Production Act Title III Gallium Nitride on Silicon Carbide Production Capacity program. Read more.

  July 24, 2014

2.5–6 GHz 40W GaN Power Amplifier
The TGA2576-FS is a packaged wideband power amplifier featuring 40W of saturated output power, greater than 35% PAE and 29 dB small signal gain. It is fully matched to 50 ohm, with integrated DC blocking caps on both I/O ports, and is ideally suited to support both commercial- and defense-related opportunities. Learn more.

  July 21, 2014

Report: GaN Devices Could Reach More Than 20% of the Overall RF Device
Market by 2020
A new report provides analysis on applications, technical challenges and strategic initiatives related to the implementation of RF GaN for volume production. Today several companies, including TriQuint, have GaN device portfolios covering a wide range of applications. Read more.

  July 17, 2014

TriQuint's New Packaged 2-6 GHz GaN LNA
The TGA2611 was the industry’s first GaN LNA, and now it is available in a 4x4mm QFN package. Covering 2–6 GHz, the TGA2611-SM handles 2W of input power, and offers 1.0 dB noise figure, 22 dB of gain, +18 dBm P1dB, and an OTOI of+30 dBm. It is ideally suited for L- and S-band A&R systems.

  July 14, 2014

TriQuint's New Packaged 6-12 GHz GaN LNA
The TGA2612-SM is a packaged version of the TGA2612. Covering 6–12 GHz, it handles 2W of input power, and provides 2.0 dB noise figure, 22 dB of gain, +28 dBm OIP3, and is suitable for C- and X-band A&R systems.

  July 10, 2014

News: GaN Power Device Market to Grow at 80% during 2016-2020 to almost $600M
Based on a scenario where electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV) begin adopting GaN in 2018-2019, the ramp-up of the GaN power device market will be quite impressive starting in 2016, at an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 80% to almost $600m in 2020, leading to approximately 580,000 x 6” wafers being processed, according to the report ‘Power GaN Market’ from market analyst fim Yole Développement. Read more.

  July 7, 2014

New! X-band, 50W GaN Power Amplifier for Satellite Communications
The TGA2586-FL operates between 7.9 and 8.4 GHz and typically provides greater than 47 dBm of saturated output power, 36% PAE and 14 dB small signal gain. Learn more.

  July 3, 2014

New! 0.03 – 2.5 GHz 10W GaN Power Amplifier
TriQuint’s TGA2237-SM offers greater than 13 dB of large signal gain and greater than 50% PAE. It is available in a low-cost, surface mount 32-lead, 5x5 mm AIN QFN package, and it is ideally suited to support both radar and communication applications across defense and commercial markets, as well as electronic warfare. Learn more.


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