Power Conversion Thermal Management Design Worksheet

The purpose of this form is to provide us with the key information that will allow us to help identify the best thermal management alternatives for your application. Please complete as many items below as possible, so we can best address your requirements.


Customer information
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Project Information
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Technical Requirements (Specifications)
*  What type of devices will be thermally managed (i.e. cooled)? Please list part numbers, if possible:
Specify industrial power semiconductor; RF power semiconductor; power capacitors; power resistors; RF pallet amplifier; complete, housed circuit module; Ultracapacitors; etc.)
*  How many total devices?
* How many Watts of Power to be dissipated by each device?
* How many Watts of Aggregate (Total) Power to be dissipated?
(W) :
* Type of Thermal Management Solution desired:
(Specify extrusion, bonded fin, swage fin, liquid cooled cold plate)
* Max. Ambient Temperature
(°C) :
* List Max. Allowable Junction Temperature (each semiconductor)
(°C) :
* List Max. Allowable Case Temperature (each device)
(°C) :
* List Thermal Resistance (each device); Junction to Case
(°C/W) :
* What finish is required?
(specify anodized; chromate; painted; none)
* Describe dimensions or Physical Size Requirements:
* Type of air/liquid cooling desired:
(specify natural air convection; forced air; liquid cooled; etc.)
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