Request for RMA Number

Complete the following form to request a Return Authorization from Richardson RFPD. Submission of this form does not guarantee an RMA number will be issued. The data provided will be reviewed by our Customer Service Department and you will be contacted regarding the status of this request.

Warranty Returns
Products to be returned must be within the applicable warranty period. However, certain items require a completed service report prior to the issuance of a Return Authorization Number for a valid warranty claim. If applicable, a Richardson RFPD representative will notify the customer. Final disposition of the returned product will often require consultation with Richardson RFPD suppliers. The customer may request that a replacement be sent immediately, (pending determination by the RFPD supplier). The replacement product will be billed to the customer’s account in accordance with our standard payment terms. Then, once a final decision on the return is made, a credit will be issued if the warranty claim is allowed. However, if the product is not covered by the warranty, the original product will be returned to the customer.

Non-Warranty Returns
If the customer wishes to return a product for repair that is no longer within the warranty period, or for damage not covered by the warranty, the sales representative will advise the customer of the estimated cost of the repair.
Return of the product will be the authorization to repair and agreement to pay for the cost of repair, whether or not it exceeds the original estimate.

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