Introducing the Latest ADI Products Available from Richardson RFPD

From A/D and D/A converters to LNAs, drivers, and isolators, ADI's world-leading, highly integrated, superior performance products play a fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing real-world information in a wide array of applications.

Richardson RFPD sells and supports the design-in of ADI’s complete portfolio of RFICs and full range of analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing products. Explore the new products available for the 1st Quarter of 2015 below or contact your local field sales engineer for more information. View all products from Analog Devices.

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Low Noise Amplifiers PLL with Integrated VCO Synthesizer with Integrated VCO
Converters - DAC Converters - ADC Low Noise, High PSRR CMOS LDO
Digital Isolators Synchronous Demodulator and Configurable analog Filter ADC Drivers
Low Noise Amplifier
Part Number Frequency Range  Gain P1dB Output Power  OIP3  Noise Figure  Package Type 
HMC1049LP5E 0.3 to 20 GHz 15 dB +14.5 dBm +29 dBm 1.7 dB @ 2 GHz 32-ld SMT or 32-ld QFN

PLL with Integrated VCO 
Part Number PLL Fractional FOM Integer Boundary Spurs Max PFD Rate/Max Ref Input Frequency Range  VCO Phase Noise @ 2 GHz @ 1 MHz Offset  VCO FOM  
HMC832LP6GE -226 dBc/Hz  -54 dBc/Hz  100 MHz/350 MHz 25 to 3000 MHz -139 dBc/Hz -205 dBc/Hz

Synthesizer with Integrated VCO 
Part Number Frequency Range PLL Figure of Merit Maximum PFD   VCO Phase Noise @ 1MHz offset, 1GHz RF  Power Consumption 
ADF5355BCPZ 54 to 13600 MHz  -221 dBc/Hz 125 MHz  -148 dBc/Hz  750 mW 

Converters - DAC
Part Number Configuration  Feature Set  Software Configurable VOUT Range TUE  INL  Reference Drift  Noise Spectral Density 
AD5761RBRUZ Single channel  DAC, REF, output buffer Yes 0.1% FSR max  +/- 2 LSB 5 ppm 45 nV√Hz 
Part Number Resolution  Sample Rate    Data Rate   SFDR   Noise Density  Power   Digital Interface
AD9136BCPZ 16-bit   2.8 GSPS  2.12 GSPS -76 dBc @ 150 MHz Fout  -163 dBm/Hz @ 150 MHz Fout  1.4 W @1.6 GSPS  8-lanes JESD204B 

Converter - ADC
Part Number Resolution  # of Channels  Sample Rate    Full Power Bandwidth (MHz)  Spurious-Free Dynamic Range  Noise Density  Power  
AD9234BCPZ-1000 12-bit  2 1000 MSPS   2000 MHz  79 dBFS at 340 MHz  -151 dBFS/Hz   3.0 W or 1.5 W total power per channel at 1 GSPS

Low Noise, High PSRR CMOS LDOs 
Part Number Input Voltage Output Load  Current  PSRR @ 100 kHz  Output Noise Temperature Range  
ADP7118ARDZ-R7 2.7 V to 20 V 200 mA  68 dB  11 μV rms independent of output voltage  -40°C to +125°C 
ADP7142ACPZN-R7 2.7 V to 40 V 200 mA  68 dB  11 μV rms independent of output voltage  -40°C to +125°C 

Digital Isolators
Part Number Clock Speed (MHz) # of Channels  Packaging Isolation Rating
ADUM3150BRSZ 40 6 SSOP 3.75 kV rms
ADUM4151ARIZ 1 7 SOIC-20 5 kV rms

Synchronous Demodulator and Configurable Analog Filter
Part Number Integrated Functions  Internal Architecture  Demodulation Bandwidth  Bandwidth Supply Voltage Range / Supply Current @ 3.3V  Temperature Range  Package Type 
ADA2200ARUZ-RL7 1/8x decimator, IIR filter, demodulator, ref. clock, ADC driver and timing controls  Sampled analog technology  30 kHz  4 MHz input signal BW  2.7 V to 3.6 V / 0.4 mA typical  -40°C to +85°C  16-ld TSSOP

ADC Drivers
Part Number Supply Current Max   Voltage Noise  Vos Drift Max   Distortion  Supply Voltage Range  SS Bandwidth  Current Noise 
ADA4805-1ARJZR2 0.52mA 5.9 nV√Hz @ 100 kHz  1.5 µV/°C  -102 dB @ 100 kHz  2.7 V to 10 V  105 MHz  0.6 pA√Hz 
ADA4805-2ARMZ 0.52mA 5.9 nV√Hz @ 100 kHz  1.5 µV/°C  -102 dB @ 100 kHz  2.7 V to 10 V  105 MHz  0.6 pA√Hz 

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