Wideband performance and versatility enable integration and improved reliability for applications spanning 6-24 GHz.

Richardson RFPD has collaborated with Analog Devices (ADI) to develop digital front-end (DFE) radio solutions, including new wideband (6-24 GHz) SiGe up/down converters (ADRF6780, ADRF6880) and transceivers. The ADRF6780 and ADRF6880 enable simpler system architecture, especially for customers seeking to cover multiple bands from 6-24 GHz, by replacing narrow-band devices, using fewer components, offering higher system reliability, and using less board space.

  • Configurable for image reject or direct conversion modes
  • Integrated LO doubler, Tx power control, Rx gain control
  • Integrates with ADI agile RF transceivers
  • SPI configurable
  • Ideal for microwave backhaul, test and measurement, and radar
  • 6-24 GHz circuits enabled by Anaren Xinger® wideband balun transformers BD60120N50100AHF (6-12 GHz), BD120240N50100AHF (12-24 GHz)
  • Single-board solution in development (2016)


Component list
Part # Description Brand
AD9371 RF Transceiver Analog Decives
ADRF6780 6-24GHz Upconverter Analog Devices
ADRF6880 6-24GHz Downconverter Analog Devices
ADF5355 PLL Synthesizer Analog Devices
BD60120N50100AHF 6-12GHz Balun Transformer 2:1 Anaren

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