When it comes to test and measurement, SUCOFLEX® 526V assemblies guarantee the highest level of satisfaction. Not only are they extremely flexible and easy to use, thanks to their unique design, they also deliver best-in-class phase and amplitude stability with flexure, movement, temperature and tensile stress.

Features and benefits

  • Extreme flexibility and ease-of-handling
  • Highly stable electrical performance up to 26.5 GHz
  • Robust and precise positioning of 3.5 mm center conductors
  • Increased test efficiency and measurement saving costs due to reduced calibration intervals
Sucoflex 526V
Product NumberLength
526V/35VF/35F/2525 in (635 mm)
526V/35VF/35F/3838 in (965 mm)
526V/35VF/35F/4848 in (1219 mm)
526V/35VF/35VM/2525 in (635 mm)
526V/35VF/35VM/3838 in (965 mm)
526V/35VF/35VM/4848 in (1219 mm)



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