This 5W Doherty small cell 900 MHz board features wideband LDMOS ICs from NXP and universal duplexers from CTS as well as many other components from our leading suppliers.

  • LTE Band 28, 40W Peak / 5W Average (including post PA losses)
  • Leverages Universal Footprint NXP LDMOS ICs and CTS Duplexers
  • Compatible with DPD and other linearizer solutions
  • Configurable with ADI RF transceivers
  • Configurable for other LTE Bands covering 698-960 MHz
  • 6-24 GHz circuits enabled by Anaren Xinger® wideband balun transformers BD60120N50100AHF (6-12 GHz), BD120240N50100AHF (12-24 GHz)
  • Single-board solution in development (2016)

Band 28 Doherty "Excelerator" RF Power Amp list of components
Part # Description Brand
ADL5904ACPZN-R7 Power Detector Analog Devices
A2I08H040NR1 Power Amplifier IC NXP
MMDS09254HT1 Doherty Alignment Module NXP
MML09231H Low Noise Amplifier NXP
142-0711-201 SMA Connectors Cinch
UMD028A Band 28 Duplexer CTS
TQP369180 Gain Block Qorvo
TQP7M9103 Driver PA Qorvo
R222M00740  SMP Connectors Radiall
SKYFR-001298 SMT Isolator Skyworks Ireland
100A/B Series Hi-Q Capacitors ATC
C8A50Z4A SMT Termination Anaren
X4C09F1-30S Directional Coupler Anaren
PD0810J5050S2HF Power Divider Anaren
X3DC08E2 Doherty Combiner Anaren
Software Linearization module NanoSemi


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