Microsemi has added three new 650V non-punch through (NPT) IGBTs with integrated zero recovery, low leakage, SiC anti-parallel diodes, to its offering that previously included only 1200V models. Available in 45A and 70A current ratings, these leading edge 650V NPT IGBTs allow developers to reduce total system cost by replacing more costly 600V to 650V MOSFETs in industrial applications up to 150 kHz. Leveraging Power MOS 8™ technology, the 650V products offer the industry’s best loss performance – approximately 8% better than the closest competing IGBT.

Also listed below are Microsemi’s previously introduced 1200V NPT IGBTs also with integrated zero recovery, low leakage, SiC anti-parallel diodes. These devices are available in 25A and 40A current ratings and offer a dramatic reduction of 20%, or more, in total switching and conduction losses as compared to competitive solutions. Designed for solar inverter, UPS and switch mode power supply applications, Microsemi’s 1200V NPT IGBTs can replace 1000V to 1200V MOSFETs in applications up to 100 KHz, at lower costs.

Key features of both the 650V and 1200V devices include:

  • Low saturation voltage
  • Low Tail Current
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Short-circuit Withstand Rated
  • High Frequency Switching
  • Ultra Low Leakage Current

Contact us for sample quantities or support integrating these new products into your designs.

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Microsemi 650V & 1200 V NPT IGBT with Integrated SiC Anti-parallel Diode

Part Number

Package Current (A) Voltage (V)

New 650V Devices


TO-247 45 650


D3PAK 45 650


T-MAX™ 70 650

Previously-Released 1200V Devices


TO-247 25 1200


D3 PAK 25 1200


T-MAX™ 40 1200


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