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Arrow's RF and Power business is offering the industry’s lowest prices on the selection of Semikron items shown below. All products are in stock and available for delivery approximately 1 week or less from date of your order. Simply select the item link and place an order online or complete a quote request. A sales person will contact you to answer any additional questions you may have.

IGBT - Intelligent Power Modules & MOSFET Modules

Mfg Part NumberDescription
SEMIX703GB126HD 1200V, 450A, IGBT halfbridge Trench ,SEMiX® 3
SK15DGDL12T4ET 1200V, 27A, SEMITOP® 3
SKIIP1803GB172-3DL 1700V, 1800A, 2-pack-integrated intelligent power system
SKIIP2403GB172-4DW 1700V, 2400A, 2-pack-integrated intelligent power system 
SKIIP2403GB172-4DFWV3 2400A, 1700V, FIBER OPTICAL, WATER COOLING, V3, 2-pack-integrated intelligent power system 
SKIIP2414GB12E4-4DL 2400A, 1200V, AIR COOLING
SKIIP38AC12T4V1 1200V/100A, MiniSKiiP® 3M, 3-phase bridge inverter up to 41kVA
SKIIP613GD123-3DUL V3 1200V, 600A SkiiP® Trench IGBT MODULE
SKM145GB176D 1700V, 160A @ 25 deg. C, IGBT HALFBRIDGE, SEMITRANS® 2
SKM150GB063D 600V, 200A, IGBT halfbridge superfast ,SEMITRANS® 3
SKM200GB176D 1700V, 260A, IGBT halfbridge Trench, SEMITRANS® 3
SKM400GB12T4 1200V, 400A, SEMITRANS® 2
SKM400GB176D 1700V, 430A, IGBT halfbridge Trench ,SEMITRANS® 3
SKM800GA176D 1700V, 830A, Single IGBT switch Trench

Thyristor Modules

Mfg Part NumberDescription
SK100WT16 1600V, 101A, SEMITOP® 3
SK120KQ16 1600V, 120A, SEMITOP® 2
SK25UT12 1200V, 29A, W3C Circuit, SEMITOP® 3
SK40DT12 1200V, 42A, 3-phase full controlled bridge, SEMITOP®
SK45WT16 1600V, 47A, W2C Circuit ,SEMITOP® 2
SKET400/18E 1800V, 392A, Thyristor, SEMIPACK® 4
SKET740/22GH4 2200V,699A, SEMIPACK® 6
SKKE380/16 1600V, 380A, SEMIPACK® 3
SKKD380/18 1800V, 380A, SEMIPACK® 3
SKKH106/16E 1600V, 160A, SEMIPACK® 1
SKKH430/22EH4 2200V, 440A, SEMIPACK® 5
SKKH570/16E 1700V, 570A, SEMIPACK® 5
SKKT570/16E 1600V/570A, SEMIPACK® 5
SKT1800/12E 1200V, 1800A, single Capsule Thyristor

Bridge Rectifiers

Mfg Part NumberDescription
SK70D08 800V, 70A, 3 phase bridge ,SEMITOP® 2
SKD115/16 1600V, 110A, 3 phase bridge ,SEMIPONT® 5
SKD145/16 1600V, 140A, 3 phase bridge ,SEMIPONT® 5
SKD160/18 1800V, 160A, SEMIPONT® 4
SKD210/16 1600V, 210A, 3 phase bridge ,SEMIPONT® 4
SKD62/18 1800V, 60A, 3 phase bridge ,SEMIPONT® 3
SKD82/18 1800V, 80A, 3 phase bridge ,SEMIPONT® 3
SKKD81/16 1600V, 82, SEMIPACK® 1

Gate Drivers

Mfg Part NumberDescription
SKHI22AH4R Hybrid Dual IGBT Driver, 1700V, 8A
SKHI23/12R Medium Power Double IGBT Driver; drives all Semikron IGBTs with VCES up to 1200V

Standard Recovery Diodes and Rectifiers

Mfg Part NumberDescription
SKN400/18 1800V, 400A, Stud diode

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