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Taoglas New Line of Flexible Printed Circuit Antennas are Made from Flexible Polymer

These Ultra low-profile antennas for cellular, WiFi and GPS/Glonass applications are made from flexible polymer and can be directly adhered to even the curved housings of a product. Connection is usually made by mechanical contact from the main-board. These antennas are especially useful for applications where space is at a premium and need antennas that have good performance characteristics but in a small size.

Note please contact the M2M team for design layout assistance and prior to going to certification approval process as in most cases custom tuning and device layout optimization will be required. Taoglas application design guidance provided. Read here.

FXP.07 Pentaband antenna is a flexible PCB cellular antenna. The optimal ground plane for this antenna is recommended at  (110 x 45 mm). However, antenna will also work well without a ground plane in applications that don’t allow for this option.

FXP14 Hexa Band Cellular Antenna covers all world-wide band and supports GPS. This antenna is ideal for use with cellular modules with Assisted GPS functionality on board where only one antenna connection is available. The FXP14 antenna has been designed in a flexible material with a rectangular form-factor and cable connection for an easy installation. The antenna works on different plastic materials and thickness.

FXUB66  Maximus flexible Ultra Wideband cellular antenna has been designed to cover all working frequencies in the 700-6000 MHz spectrum, including all Cellular, Wi-Fi, ISM and GNSS bands. The FXUM66 use  in a device improves substantially the radiated power and sensitivity, and enables the highest throughput rates of today’s broadband devices. The antenna is ground plane independent.

FXP611  Cloud antenna is a GPS/Glonass flexible loop antenna that outperforms most active patch antennas with an efficiency of 80% and a peak gain of 3dBi across the GPS and Glonass bands (1575 to 1610Mhz). This antenna has a unique ability to resist external detuning effects due to dual resonance and has a small form factor of 38x37x0.1mm. This peel and stick, flexible loop antenna is suitable for any GPS/Glonass M2M device.

FXP.830 Freedom WiFi antenna has a peak gain of 1.8dBi at 2.4GHz and efficiencies of 50%, and 3-4dBi and 80-90% along bands 4.9GHz to 6GHz. The FXP830 is a high efficiency, small, dual-band, dipole antenna for 2.4/4.9-6GHz band including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This Taoglas patent pending antenna is unique in the market because it is made from poly-flexible material, has a tiny form factor (42*7*.01mm) and has double-sided 3M tape for easy “peel and stick” mounting. Ground plane independent!

Note: Other connector and cable length options available

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Taoglas PCB antennas
Part Number Frequency
Technology Temp© VSWR Antenna
Cable Thickness (mm) Cable
Length (M)
PCB (mm)
FXP07.07.0100A 850/900/1800/
Flexible PCB Cellular Penta Band antenna 2G/3G -40-+85 <2.5:1 IPEX (uFl) 1.13 100 Flexible pcb adhesive 41x24
FXP14.07.0100A 850/900/1700/
Flexiblecelluar PCB heptaband antenna 2G/3G with gps +2.2dBi peak gain -40-+85 <2.5:1 IPEX (uFl) 1.13 100 Flexible pcb adhesive 70x20
FXUB66.07.0150C 700-6000 Maximus flexible cellular pcb ultra wide band antenna for 2G/3G/4G +5dBi peak gain -40-+85 <2.5:1 IPEX (uFl) 1.37 150 Flexible pcb adhesive 120.4 x50.4
FXP611.07.0092C 1599-1610 Flexible PCB GPS/Glonass with IPEX (uFl) connctor +3dBi peak gain -40-+85 <2.5:1 IPEX (uFl) 1.37 92 Flexible pcb adhesive 38x27x15
FXP830.07.0100C 4900-6000 Flexible PCB WiFi 2.4/5.78GHz dual band antenna with IPEX (uFl) connctor +3.6dBi peak gain -40-+85 <2.5:1 IPEX (uFl) 1.37 92 Flexible pcb adhesive 42x7x.01

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