Vincotech is an established, reliable partner in designing and building power modules for motion control, renewable energy, and power supply applications, setting performance standards for both off-the-shelf and application specific solutions.

Vincotech offers a wide range of power module topologies, standard solder-pin connections, Press-fit technology, spring connections, innovative thermal interface material (TIM), and a broad power spectrum from 4 A to 1800 A and from 600 V to 2400 V. The offering encompasses Intelligent Power Modules (IPM), Power Integrated Modules (PIM, a combination of input rectifier, inverter and brake chopper), sixpack modules, rectifiers, PFC-, H-bridge-, half-bridge-, booster-, as well as NPC/MNPC/AMNPC converter modules.

Featured Vincotech Products



These advanced three-phase modules for applications up to 250 kW feature ultra-efficient three-phase mixed-voltage NPC topology, MOSFET or high-speed IGBT4 in an advanced paralleled topology, low commutation inductance with integrated snubber capacitors, and screw terminals.

Part Number Voltage Current Technology
70-W612A3C600SH01-M600F10 1200 V 600 A IGBT4 high-speed
70-W612A3C600SH-M600F 1200 V 600 A MOSFET

fastPack 0 SiC

High frequency SiC MOS with fsw up to 400kHz. This product is suitable for hard switching/soft switching and increased power density.

Part Number Voltage Current Technology Housing
10-PC094PB065ME01-L637F06Y 900 V 33 A SiC MOSFET flow 0 12 mm


Engineered for motion control applications and exacting EMC standards, this new 1200V product family features a brake, three-phase inverter and the latest chip technology. Features include sixpack with brake, IGBT4 (1200 V) technology for low conduction losses, compact and low inductance design, built-in NTC, and flow 0, flow 1 and flow 2 17-mm housing.

Family Part Number Current (Amps) Comments
flow7PACK 0 10-F0127PA008SC-L156E09 8 IGBT4
flow7PACK 0 10-F0127PA015SC-L158E09 15 IGBT4
flow7PACK 0 10-F0127PA025SC-L159E09 25 IGBT4
flow7PACK 1 10-F1127PA025SC-L167E09 25 IGBT4
flow7PACK 1 10-F1127PA035SC-L168E09 35 IGBT4
flow7PACK 1 10-F1127PA050SC-L169E09 50 IGBT4
flow7PACK 2 30-F2127PA050SC-L177E09 50 IGBT4, flow 2 housing with baseplate
flow7PACK 2 30-F2127PA075SC-L178E09 75 IGBT4, flow 2 housing with baseplate
flow7PACK 2 30-F2127PA100SC-L179E09 100 IGBT4, flow 2 housing with baseplate

flowBOOST 1 Products

The new flowBOOST 1 symmetric packaged in the low inductive flow 1 housing achieve the performance you need to downsize bulky transformers and DC link capacitors. Engineered to deliver highest switching frequencies, they can provide a symmetric boost in 1300 V or a buck boost in 650 V applications. And the latest Infineon Trenchstop™ 5 is on board to increase efficiency and cut your costs.

Part NumberVoltageCurrent
10-FY07NBA100SM-M506L48650 V100 A
10-FY07NBA100S5-M506L58650 V100 A
10-FY07NBA150S5-M506L98650 V150 A

flowBOOST 4w Products

These modules are designed for UPS and other three-phase PFC applications with power ratings from 100 to 200 kVA and switching frequencies from 8 to 20 kHz. They feature high-efficiency symmetric boost, integrated DC-link capacitor, low DC inductance (< 5 nH), and screw terminals.

Part NumberVoltageCurrent
70-W206NBA400SA-M786L2x 600 V400 A
70-W206NBA600SA-M788L2x 600 V600 A

flowIPM 1B CIP 600 V

Features the powerful combination of a high-speed F5 IGBT with the switching performance of a MOSFET and a silicon carbine boost diode in the PFC circuit optimized for frequencies up to 150 KHz.

Part Number Voltage Current Configuration Package Type
20-1B06IPB010RC02-L815A49 600 V 10 A Converter+Inverter+PFC flow1B

flowIPM 1C 1200 V

Vincotech's new flowIPM 1C achieves the deepest level of integration of any power module available on the market today. This 1200 V intelligent power module dramatically reduces systems' cost and assembly time. It features CIB topology and three inverter gate drives, including a bootstrap circuit for high-side power supply. Each leg of the inverter provides current-limiting for circuit protection.

Part Number Voltage Current Configuration Package Type
20-1C12IBA015SH-LB18A08 1200 V 15 A CIB flow 1C



These new NPC (neutral clamped converter) modules feature IGBT H5 technology and modules come in flow 0 and flow 1 housings. They offer very high speed at low saturation voltage, are designed for solar, UPS and ESS (energy storage system) applications, and have low parasitic capacitance for very fast switching.

flowNPC 0 Modules
Part Number Current Comments
10-PY07NIA080SM18-L095F03Y 80 A All switches with H5 / StealthTM II diodes, high current for anti-parallel diodes, (->UPS)
10-FZ07NIA060SM-P926F43 60 A All switches with H5, outer switches and neural path with Stealth™ II diode
flowNPC 1 Modules
Part Number Current Comments
10-FY07NPA150SM01-L364F08 150 A IGBT H5 + IGBT L5 and StealthTM+ capacitors
10-FY07NPA150SM02-L365F08 150 A 4 quadrant operation, very high speed, + capacitors >ESS
10-FY07NPA200SM02-L366F08 200 A 4 quadrant operation, very high speed, + capacitors >ESS

flowPACK 1 & 2

Vincotech's new flowPACK 1 & 2 modules feature high-speed IGBTs and soft-switching diodes for improved efficiency and very fast performance. Engineers seeking to streamline their designs for servo applications and line converters will find these modules to be a perfect match.

Part NumberVoltage (V)Current (A)Topology

flowPACK 1 H6.5 Three-Level Topology for Single-Phase Solar

Vincotech's flowPACK 1 H6.5 modules provide 50 A, 75 A or 100 A @ 650 V with low-voltage ride-through capability in packages optimized for switching frequencies up to 25 kHz.

Part NumberI (A)U (V)Comment
10-PY07HVA050S5-L984F08Y 50650Press-fit-pin
10-FY07HVA075S5-L985F08 75650Solder-pin
10-FY07HVA075S5-L985F08Y 75650Press-fit-pin
10-FY07HVA100S5-L986F08 100650Solder-pin
10-FY07HVA100S5-L986F08Y 100650Press-fit-pin

flowPACK 1 SiC

The new flowPACK 1 SiC is faster than 1200 V SiC MOSFETs, safer than 650 V MOSFETs and perfect for charging stations that require soft-switching for LLC topology. This 3xhalf-bridge achieves the efficiency you need at nominal and at partial loads. And its increased switching frequency and power density help to reduce your overall system costs.

Part NumberVoltage (V)Current (A)Topology
10-PY096PA035ME-L224F18Y900703xHalf Bridge

flowRPI 1 Family

Designed for welding, charger and SMPS applications, the new flowRPI 1 family combines a rectifier, a dual PFC and an inverter into a single module, which enables you to save design-in time and cost.

Part Number Voltage Current Housing
10-FY07ZAA015SM-L512B28 650 V 15 A flow 1 12 mm
10-FY07ZAA030SM-L513B28 650 V 30 A flow 1 12 mm
10-F107ZAA045SM-L514B19 650 V 45 A flow 1 17 mm
10-FY07ZAA050SM-L514B28 650 V 50 A flow 1 12 mm
10-FY07ZAB050SM-L514B08* 650 V 50 A flow 1 12 mm
10-F107ZAA060SM-L515B19 650 V 60 A flow 1 17 mm
10-FY07ZAB075SM-L515B08* 650 V 75 A flow 1 12 mm

* Wide input voltage range rated PFC


These MiniSKiiP® half-bridge modules equipped with solder-free spring-contacts can now replace baseplate modules with screwed bus bar connections to drive down inverter package and manufacturing costs by as much as 15%.

MiniSKiiP®DUAL's baseplate-less design uses Al2O3 DCB ceramic, a material with proven merits, to achieve superior thermal conductivity to the heat sink.

Part Number VCES [V] Inom [A] Technology Housing size
80-M2072PA150SC-K704F40650150Trench IGBTMiniSKiiP 2
80-M2072PA200SC-K705F40650200Trench IGBTMiniSKiiP 2
80-M3072PA300SC-K836F30650300Trench IGBTMiniSKiiP 3
80-M2122PA150SC-K708F401200150Trench IGBT4MiniSKiiP 2
80-M2122PA200SC-K709F401200200Trench IGBT4MiniSKiiP 2
80-M3122PA300SC-K839F421200300Trench IGBT4MiniSKiiP 3
80-M3122PA400SC-K830F401200400Trench IGBT4MiniSKiiP 3


VINco E3

Engineered mainly for industrial drives, solar power and UPS applications, the low-profile VINco E3 package raises the performance bar with its enhanced power density and reliability.

VINco E3
Part Number Type Topology Voltage Current Tech.
A0-VP122PA300M7-L757F70T Press-fit Half-Bridge 1200 300 Mitsubishi
gen 7
A0-VP122PA450M7-L758F70T Press-fit Half-Bridge 1200 450 Mitsubishi
gen 7
A0-VP122PA600M7-L759F70T Press-fit Half-Bridge 1200 600 Mitsubishi
gen 7
A0-VP122PA690M7-L750F70T Press-fit Half-Bridge 1200 690 Mitsubishi
gen 7
A0-VS122PA300M7-L757F70 Solder Half-Bridge 1200 300 Mitsubishi
gen 7
A0-VS122PA450M7-L758F70 Solder Half-Bridge 1200 450 Mitsubishi
gen 7
A0-VS122PA600M7-L759F70 Solder Half-Bridge 1200 600 Mitsubishi
gen 7

Solder Half-Bridge 1200 690 Mitsubishi
gen 7



Vincotech now offers the new VINcoPACK E3 modules, the new low-profile package for mid-power inverters with sixpack configuration. This new 1200 V power module raises the performance bar with its superior efficiency and reliability.

Part Number Voltage (V) Current (A) Technology
A0-VS126PA100M7-L997F70 1200 100 IGBT M7
A0-VS126PA150M7-L998F70 1200 150 IGBT M7
A0-VS126PA200M7-L999F70 1200 200 IGBT M7


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