Aerospace & Defense Design Assistance Worksheet

The purpose of this form is for you to provide the key information that will allow us to help identify the best component and design alternatives for your application. For instance, if your design is a "Hybrid" (i.e. Multi-Chip Module)... we can help with turn-key design/manufacturing services.
Please complete as many items below as possible, so we can best address your requirements.


Customer information
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Project Information
* Application:
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Sampling & Prototype Date:
Estimated Production Date:

Technical Requirements (Specifications)
* Describe circuit or system
(Name specific components needed
as completely, yet succinctly, as possible):
Frequency Range: Input Voltages:
Circuit / System Power Level: Output Voltages:
* Main Component Manufacturing Process/Type:
List all appropriate MIL-Specifications:
* Ambient Temperature Range in °C
(i.e. -40° to +105°C):
Describe Dimensions or
Physical Size Limitations:
Is this a new design? --- OR --- .... Replacement Parts?
Type of Cooling Desired:
Describe any specific mounting hardware
or heat sink needed:
Is a drawing available? If yes, we will arrange to receive it from you.
Interest in RFPDˆ Fabrication or Factory Assembly?
Special Hardware or Special Packaging?
Describe any special screening, testing, or documentation needed:
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