5G represents the next evolutionary step in wireless telecommunications infrastructure and is poised to deliver dramatic improvements in capacity, bandwidth, and latency. 5G is not an instantaneous event. It represents a multiple year rollout of several significant improvements upon the existing 4G LTE footprint. Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) is another development that aims to make wireless infrastructure more flexible. The component requirements to build 5G wireless infrastructure are significantly different from previous generations as completely new system architectures have been developed to realize the technological benefits.

We fully support a wide range of devices for 5G and ORAN, from Sub-6GHz Massive MIMO (mMIMO) to mmWave. Let our team help find the solutions to meet your 5G needs, on time and under budget. Our diverse selection of products and services cover the entire range of Wireless Infrastructure applications. Click the links below to see recent featured products.


Richardson RFPD has partnered with Vavitel to bring a 5G small cell development platform and reference design to the market. The RV5G platform has been optimized for 2.6GHz or 3.5GHz and requiring 27dBm average power at antenna. Multiple configurations are available, including 2T2R or 4T4R, as well as bandwidth offerings of 100MHz, 160MHz and 200MHz. Further customization of the RF Front End to other bands or power levels is available upon request. Links to the data sheets and available products are listed below.

Highlighted products:
RV5G2627-4TR-10: 5G Reference Design, 2.6GHz, 4T4R, 27dBm avg, 100MHz bandwidth
RV5G3527-4TR-20: 5G Reference Design, 3.5GHz, 4T4R, 27dBm avg, 200MHz bandwidth
• Other configurations are available.



Analog Devices offers a broad portfolio of RF ICs covering the entire "Beams to Bits" signal chain, from high-performance RF function blocks to highly integrated single-chip transceiver solutions and data converters, including a variety of products for 5G.

Highlighted products:
ADRV9026: 1-Chip 5G TDD/FDD Transceiver
ADRF5545A: 2.4 - 4.2 GHz Dual-channel Receiver Front End
ADF4372: 62.5 MHz to 16 GHz Wideband Synthesizer w/ VCO



TTM Technologies' innovation for enabling mass production for high power RF amplifiers for wireless infrastructure can be traced back to 1995 with their introduction of the Xinger© Coupler. TTM Technologies is pleased to introduce a family of 5G-ready Xinger© couplers and balun transformers for mMIMO and active antenna solutions.

Highlighted products:
X4C35J1-03G-CT: 3dB/90 Degree Hybrid Coupler, 3.3-3.8GHz, 5W Avg
X4C40K1-20S-CT: 20dB Directional Coupler, 3.3-5.1GHz, 25W Avg
X4C30F1-30S-CT: 30 dB Directional Coupler, 2.3-3.8 GHz, 100W Avg



AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components and interconnect, sensor, control and antenna solutions, has released a new UBC 550 Series ultra-broadband capacitors designed to deliver reliable, repeatable performance from 16kHz to 70+GHz in ultra-broadband microwave and millimeter-wave applications.

Highlighted products:
16 kHz - 70 GHz Ultra-Broadband Capacitors



The first to develop a standardized bandpass filter and duplexer platform with a universal footprint so it is now possible to scale 5G active antenna system development much more rapidly and with less risk. Furthermore, their longstanding and reliable supply of high-performance timing solutions are also 5G ready.

Highlighted products:
USB041A: TDD Bandpass Filter, Band 41, 2.496-2.700 GHz, 8W Avg
UPB048A: TDD Band Pass Filter, Band 48, 3.55-3.70GHz, 2W Avg
VF901723-38.4M: VCTCXO. 38.400MHz, Qualcomm FMS100x Chipset qualified



Guerrilla RF is a rapidly growing RF semiconductor manufacturer founded specifically to focus on RF components for cellular infrastructure. They offer an extensive portfolio of high-performance RFICS for 5G, including ultra-low noise amplifiers, linear driver amplifiers, and low noise power amplifiers.

Highlighted products:
GRF2093: 1.0-6.0 GHz Ultra-LNA
GRF2171: 1.0-6.0 GHz High gain Ultra-LNA
GRF5511: 1.5-6.0 GHz PA / Power-LNA™



With over 60 years as a leader in RF technologies, covering a wide variety of markets including cellular infrastructure, MACOM is well positioned to support 5G whether for sub-6GHz, mmW, or T&M applications.

Highlighted products:
MAMF-011119: Switch/LNA Module
MASW-011098: High Power Reflective SPDT PIN Switch
MAAM-011238: 100 kHz-50 GHz Amplifier



MixComm bases its technology on RFSOI and mmWave breakthroughs developed at Columbia University's CoSMIC lab. MixComm's products address the critical challenges that currently constrain 5G mmWave success. Their new SUMMIT 2629 FEM integrates power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, beamformer, calibration and control for a front-end module with optimal partitioning for 5G infrastructure.



A division of Molex, SDP Telecom produces high performance and competitive circulator and isolator products covering <6GHz as well as 28Hz systems. A standard product offering is available, but please contact Richardson RFPD for special requirements.

Highlighted products:
802-360-380-VPT: Circulator, 3.6-3.8 GHz, 10mm, 50W Avg, SMT
802-515-592-VPT: Circulator, 5.150-5.925 GHz, 10mm, 50W Avg, SMT
802-2750-2835MT: Circulator, 27.5-28.35 GHz, 4W Avg, SMT



With a strong heritage in cellular product proliferation from first generation amps through 4G LTE, NXP is pleased to deliver new devices that will enable the scaling of mMIMO system solutions from highly integrated but easy to use components.

Highlighted products:
5G Integrated Solutions for Sub-6 GHz mMIMO
RapidRF: Driver, PA module & Rx module demo platform and reference design
Video: 5G Wireless Infrastructure for a Connected World



pSemi builds on Peregrine semiconductor's 30-year legacy of technology advancements based on their unique Silicon-on-Insulator wafer process, with high-performance RF switches and DSAs for 5G but also a product portfolio that now includes power management, antenna tuning and RF frontends.

Highlighted products:
PE53110: 3.3-3.8 GHz Dual-channel switch/LNA
PE42420E: High Isolation switch for DPD Loop
PE42525A: 9 kHz-60 GHz SPDT RF Switch



One of the true innovators in wireless communications, Qualcomm offers high performance SAW and BAW based filters ideal for pre-PA and post-PA filtering for TDD and FDD systems for <6 GHz mMIMO applications.

Highlighted products:
E-Duplexer: Enhanced performance acoustic duplexer



Skyworks Solutions is empowering the 5G networking revolution with highly innovative analog semiconductors that connect people, places and things spanning a variety of new applications within 5G cellular infrastructure.

Highlighted products:
SKY12245-492LF: 0.3-4.2 GHz, 100 W Compact SPDT Switch



United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) designs, manufactures and markets leading-edge RF & millimeter-wave IC products and solutions, with a long history of innovation in cellular infrastructure applications, and now offering mmW products for 5G.

Highlighted products:
CHA6194-QXG: 37-40 GHz 1.2W Power Amplifier
CHA3396-QDG: 27-33.5 GHz Driver Amplifier
CHE1270-QAG: 5-44 GHz Detector



Providing fully vertical integration with deep expertise in SiC, GaN-on-SiC, and LDMOS technologies for cellular applications, Wolfspeed is poised to deliver and support your 5G system development.

Highlighted products:
WS1A2639-V1-R3K: GaN PA Module, 2.496-2.69GHz, 50V, 8W Avg
GTRA364002FC-V1: GaN-on-SiC HEMT, 3.4-3.6 GHz, 400W, 48V
GTRA214602FC-V1: GaN HEMT, 2.11-2.17GHz, 48V, 490W Doherty


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