Introducing AVX's newest division, AVX RF Solutions

AVX RF Solutions manages and is actively working to expand AVX's already-extensive portfolio of leading-edge microwave and RF components, in addition to engineers and product solutions from wholly-owned subsidiaries ATC and Ethertronics.



AVX Products

Inductors RF Filters RF Signal Distribution Capacitors Circuit Protection
Hi-Q Thin Film Low Pass RF Hybrid Coupler Hi-Q Thin Film Thin Film Fuse
    RF Directional Couplers Hi-Q Multilayer Ceramic
    Hi-Q Capacitor Design Kit
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Ethertronics Products

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American Technical Ceramics Products

Inductors Resistors Ultra Broadband
(DC-40 GHz)
Capacitors Thermal Interface Arrays
Hi-Q Wirewound Ceramic Attenuators SMT RF Capacitor Hi-Q Multilayer Cermic Q-Bridge Thermal Conductor RC Equalizer Network
Sample Kits RF Resistor Conical Inductor Hi-Q, High CV BX/X7R
RF Terminations / Loads SMT Resistors Single Layer Ceramic (SLC)
Sample Kits   RF Capacitor Assemblies
  Sample Kits
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