Machine Learning Development Studio Designed for Non-experts

NanoEdge AI Studio removes traditional AI barriers. It is designed for companies that either do not have expert resources in machine learning or that wish to provide their data scientists with a complementary tool for embedded environments.

NanoEdge AI Studio Quick Technical Facts:

  • Runs autonomously on the developer's workstation under Windows or Linux. Thus, no data is transmitted outside the customer's environment.

  • Will automatically test, optimize and calculate the best algorithmic combination among more than 500 million possible combinations, after the developer has described the targeted environment.

  • Provides the selected algorithm as a C library that is easily embeddable in the microcontroller.

  • Generates libraries that require only 4K to 16K of RAM, making them the most optimized AI algorithms in the industry.

  • Enables the execution of unsupervised learning, inference and prediction on the device edge, opening new classes of small, low-power, low-cost devices to AI for the first time.

The Promise of the Edge

The promise of the Edge is to be able to process data on the periphery of the network, far from the data centers. Cartesiam innovates and pushes intelligence to the edge, directly into your objects or devices. To achieve this feat, mathematicians designed and developed NanoEdge AI™ a set of Machine Learning algorithms to understand and exploit the data in microcontrollers, directly where the data is generated.

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