Familiar package for higher power ratings

The new 1200 V LoPak modules carry the same DNA for high reliability and robustness as the entire family of Hitachi ABB Power Grids' high-power semiconductors.

Building on its experience of high-performance, high-reliability devices for voltages above 3.3 kV, Hitachi ABB Power Grids has expanded its product portfolio by introducing a family of 1200 V power modules to complement the existing 1700 V family, starting with a 1200 V, 900 A x 2 module using an upgraded LoPak module package.

The new 1200 V LoPak modules give engineers the ability to upgrade their existing designs to handle higher power using the same module package. This allows a faster time-to-market, less disruption of manufacturing lines, and potentially lower unit costs.

Typical applications include wind power converters, variable speed drives, power supplies, power quality, UPS and renewable energies.

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New LoPak for 1200V Applications
Part Voltage (V) Current (A) Configuration
5SNG0900R120500 1200 900 Phase Leg
5SNG0900R120590 1200 900 Phase Leg
5SNG0600R120500 1200 600 Phase Leg
5SNG0600R120590 1200 600 Phase Leg

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