Microsemi’s SP6LI extremely low inductance silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET power modules feature phase leg topology ranking from 1200 volts (V), 210 amperes (A) to 586 A at a case temperature (Tc) of 80 degrees Celsius to 1700 V, 207 A at Tc of 80 degrees Celsius. Offering higher power density and a compact form factor, the new package enables lower quantity of modules in parallel to achieve complete systems, helping customers to further downsize their equipment.

  • Extremely low stray inductance <2.9 nanohenry
  • Extremely low RDS(on) - down to 2.1 mΩ per switch
  • Optimized layout for multi-SiC MOSFET and diode chips assembly in phase leg topology
  • Symmetrical design to accept up to 12 SiC MOSFET chips in parallel per switch
  • All die in parallel with their own gate series resistor for homogenous current balancing
  • High current capability up to 600 A at very fast switching frequency; and
  • Optional mix of assembly materials to better address different markets and applications.

Part NumberVoltageCurrent
Rdson Typ
Rdson max.
MSCMC120AM07CT6LIAG1200V210 A6.7 mΩ9.2 mΩ
MSCMC120AM04CT6LIAG1200V307 A4.2 mΩ5.6 mΩ
MSCMC120AM03CT6LIAG1200V475 A2.5 mΩ3.4 mΩ
MSCMC120AM02CT6LIAG1200V586 A2.1 mΩ2.8 mΩ
MSCMC170AM08CT6LIAG1700V207 A7.5 mΩ11.7 mΩ


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