About UTS

UTS provides engineering, product development and support services to emerging technology sectors in the transportation and energy storage industries. The UTS team has a highly capable and strong electrical and mechanical engineering core, operating together for 20 years. We have developed a large number of ultracapacitor modules for a variety of applications. Our experience designing ultracapacitor systems ranges from stationary, high voltage, and high power systems to smaller automotive rated modules. UTS can provide engineering services to create an efficient and flexible energy storage solution for a competitive price along with turnkey short run production modules or systems.


What Makes UTS Unique?

• Quick and efficient service
• Competitive pricing
• Flexible and custom tailored designs
• Powerful expertise
• Electrical and Mechanical design analysis
• In house short run manufacturing available

UTS's team has a track record of delivering efficient solutions to our clients that are cell agnostic and provide flexibility for future proofing the design. The design efficiency comes from a long history of battery pack and ultracapacitor module development. Using effective and proven techniques along with novel customizations allows UTS to deliver effective solutions at a very competitive price. UTS is an expert at purpose built modules or systems for specific requirements.

UTS has experience designing cell monitoring and balancing circuits. With a variety of duty cycles and cost constraints, different levels of feedback and cell management may end up being the right solution. UTS can customize those features to best match your needs.

UTS also has experience maximizing the life expectancy and power performance of cells arranged in a module. Through thermal balancing in addition to electrical balancing, and other design choices, UTS can help you achieve the maximum life expectancy from your ultracapacitors!

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