mangOH® boards

These boards are reference designs purpose-built for cellular to bring interoperability between various sensor, wireless, and wired technology providers.


mangOH® Yellow

Introducing the super smart edge open source solution for IoT. Smaller than a credit card yet jam-packed with super sensors, mangOH Yellow connects your devices to any LTE-M and NB-IoT networks in the world, reducing cost, lowering power consumption, while extending coverage and expanding capacity.

mangOH® Red

The credit-card-size compact mangOH enables 10-year battery life for low-power IoT applications. The power-efficient, industrial-grade reference design is built with all the capabilities you need to send your IoT sensor data to the cloud.


mangOH® is a family of open source hardware platforms for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) that turn your ideas into commercial products quickly by delivering 90% of your prototype out-of-the-box.

  • Open Source: Business friendly license so you can copy, modify, and build commercial products based on a mangOH.
  • Adaptable: Flexible enough for you to prototype any IoT use-cases based on wired, wireless, and sensor technologies
  • Industrial: BOM is made up of vetted, industrial-grade components to quickly turn your prototypes into products.

Open hardware reference design
You can start with MangOH, then customize your own hardware platform. Or you can migrate to an FX30 using the same expansion card. You can expand functionalities with Raspberry PI add-ons.
Ultimately, it allows you to go to market much faster than your competitors.