For the most demanding power conversion applications!

The new 6th generation (C6D) 650 V SiC Schottky diode family is based on Wolfspeed’s innovative, robust and reliable 150 mm SiC wafer technology. The latest C6D technology offers lowest forward voltage drop (VF = 1.27 V @ 25°C) that have a significant impact on the reduction of conduction losses, which further enable extremely high system level efficiency and power density in the most demanding power conversion applications, including power factor correction (PFC) and high-voltage DC/DC converters.



Key Features

• Low VF = 1.27 V (25°C) & 1.37 (175°C)
• Best-in-class DVF/DT
• Zero reverse recovery
• High breakdown voltage
• Low leakage current
• Wide range of Tj (-55°C to 175°C)
• Improved thermal stability

Key Benefits

• High system level efficiency
• High (NR) surge current capability
• High frequency operation
• More efficient than existing C3D
• Easy parallel operation
• Reduced heat sink requirements

Key Applications

• Server/Telecom
• Medical
• Consumer Electronics
• PC
• Solar



Part Number VRRM IF VF (25°C) Package Options
C6D20065D 650V 20A 1.27V TO-247-3
C6D16065D 650V 16A 1.27V TO-247-3
C6D10065A 650V 10A 1.27V TO-220-2
C6D10065E 650V 10A 1.27V TO-252-2
C6D08065A 650V 8A 1.27V TO-220-2
C6D08065E 650V 8A 1.27V TO-252-2
C6D06065A 650V 6A 1.27V TO-220-2
C6D06065E 650V 6A 1.27V TO-252-2
C6D04065A 650V 4A 1.27V TO-220-2
C6D04065E 650V 4A 1.27V TO-252-2
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